Short Hair Problems

Short Hair Problems

During the autumn I cut off all my hair leaving me with a nice short bob! I haven't had short hair since I was small and so it took some getting use to. But now my hair is at that stage where it's not that short anymore neither is it long, it's at that in between stage. Like all hair it has days where it just doesn't go right no matter how many times you try to style it. I do like my hair style and it's nice to try different styles but I do miss my longer locks!

Short hair problems

1. It's to short to put up! I have to include lots of clips at the back to keep it in place!

2. It sticks up leaving you looking like a pineapple! Especially if you've shoved it up in a bun, there's always that annoying short bit that decides to stand tall in the air whilst the rest is tied in the hairband!

3.  Bed hair! When I wake up my hair I look like a scarecrow!  It just sticks up all over the place. It takes a while to make it look decent!

4. My short hair is now at shoulder length and so after every time I style it, it has a mind of it's own. It sticks out at the sides or turns outwards. You spend so much time on making it look nice and it decides to do the opposite!

5. When it rains and you've forgotten your umbrella your hair goes wild! (Well mine does!)

6. Straightening the back of your hair is a pain and as it's so short it tends to flick. To get it perfectly straight, you have to spend ages making sure it doesn't and actually straightens. 

7. I love curls and one thing I miss is being able to curl it. I can loose curl it now but I mean tight ringlet curls, if I do so I look like a blonde version of Annie!

Now I'm not saying that short hair is all bad, there are many positive things to having short hair!

1. If I leave it to dry and it drys so quickly! Where as where it was longer it took forever to dry naturally. 

2. If I'm running late for work, I can shove it up and it stays(as long as I have clips for the back!)

3. I don't have to worry about what hairstyle to do each day, having short hair means limited styles such as bun, ponytail and maybe very small pigtails! (No more fishtailing :( )

4. I spend less time on my hair. Whether it's straightening,  curling, putting it up. Less hair means half the time.

5. It's a lot easier to manage!

6. It's not so heavy, it weighs less and feels lighter!

7. Doesn't get caught on buttons, in scarves etc. Doesn't end up in your food either!

Hello Short Hair!

X O X O 

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