I am a NERD!!

I am a NERD!!

One thing I got upset with when I was younger was being called ‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’ because those words at High School mean that you are the lowest of the low, the people no one wants to sit with . . . .

But in my own experience . . . .  I am happy being a nerd!

It is deemed that we have to be ‘cool’ to fit into society and that you have to be popular if you fit in but I don’t agree! I think that you don’t have to be cool to be popular and what is the definition of cool?

When I was in High School the girls that were deemed cool were the girls you were scared of. The girls who smoked at the back of the field, the girls who wore McKenzie tracky bottoms under their long skirts, wore huge gold hoops and chewed gum so you couldn’t actually understand a word they said. They were the ‘cool’ girls who deemed who was cool and who wasn’t. If you wore the wrong kind of shoes, wore your tie in a different way or had your socks pulled up (like how actual socks should be worn!) they would name and shame. Yes but why where these girls deemed cool? When I look back I wonder why we as a year group said they were cool. Was it because they were the girls we were threatened by? Where they the girls that were in fashion at the time? In High School I was considered a Nerd and at the time, I would have given anything not to be and I wanted to be a ‘cool’ kid and actually fit into society. You can guess I didn’t like my high school experience and most of the time I just wished for the day it would end and I could do what I wanted to do. My life wasn’t like most girls in my High School and there were things they could do and I couldn’t and I spent four years trying to be someone I wasn’t because I wanted to fit in. I remember once someone said ‘I’m not sitting next to that geek.’ And I can still here those words now and it made me realize how I was deemed to society. I was identified as a geek and I wasn’t happy. I remember saying ‘I’m not a geek!’ and I tried to shake off the ‘geek’ label that had now been placed upon my head.  For me the label ‘geek’ is the lowest of the low and yeah I was picked last for things and it made me realize that I wasn’t happy with the label that had been put upon me by the ‘cooler’ kids. But as I left High School and grew up I realized that I was a geek /nerd and it was who I am. Yeah I love Sci-Fi and Superheroes and nerdy TV Shows such as Arrow or Chuck. I wear Character clothing such as Harry Potter Jim-jams or Batman tops and I love it. I like nerdy guys and my celebrity crushes are nerds (Tom Hiddleston or Zachary Levi!) who both are in the ‘nerd’ world! I once had a conversation with someone who said that a ‘real’ man was someone with muscles and not someone who was weedy (all because I have a different taste in guys and her choice of guy was someone I didn’t class as attractive.) But my point is that a Nerd is a guy or a man as much as a muscly man! If you don’t find them attractive then that’s fine, we are all unique and it would be boring if we all like the same type of guy! But when it came to it I wasn’t having the kind of guy called a weed or less of a man because he didn’t have muscles!

Being a nerd is not all being the lowest of the social grouping, in fact I am a proud nerd! If that is what my label in society is then I am proud. I would rather be myself and classed a ‘nerd’ then be someone I am not and considered ‘cooler’ and usually the person who labels you considers them self to be cool, beautiful or popular and usually can’t see past the end of their nose. I don’t think someone can say who is cooler than someone else and what is the definition of cool? We all have different opinions of what ‘cool’ means. So take a look at the person/people who labels you what makes them cooler than you? What makes them define who you are by a label? Like I realize
 if I was to have a label, I was going to except the label to show the person/people that it doesn’t affect me and that with a label I am just going to be who I am and not have them bring me down. Usually they do it because they are either jealous or they can’t get their own way and feel like name calling and shaming is the only way they can get through to make you feel bad so they feel better about themselves. But I’ve learnt is to take what they say with a pinch of salt and agree so I am a nerd and I am proud because I know who I am!  

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