Back in time to the 1940's

Back in time to the 1940's

This is my 1940's look! 
Hey guys,

I know, I said I was going to be blogging a lot more but I've had a bit of a situation and it got me down but what I've learnt is that you got to pick yourself up and carry on with life and it's hard but I've had the most wonderful people around me to help me and so here I am again! 

On Saturday I went along to a murder mystery evening set back in the 1940's and so when my friend said ' Kayleigh you have to dress up', I instantly was like 'YESSSS!' 

and so I went researching all about the 1940's and the clothes, make up and hairstyles women wore back then and to my surprise the make up hasn't really changed at all.

Make Up

Women back in the 1940's wore a lot of red lipstick so luckily so do I. Also the 1940's were known for thick black eyeliner on the top of the lid which is exactly what I wear. Women didn't really wear bronzer or a lot of face make-up on their faces. I did a bit of research on face powders and foundations and I found that women would make their faces pale and use a pink blusher to give themselves a rosy look to their faces. So make-up I found was easy!


In the 1940's it was all about curls and waves in the hair. Big rollers were used to give this effect. So when it came to my hair, this was going to be the biggest challenge of it all. As I have short hair I find curling my hair difficult as the shorter layers tends to stick up and then make me a bit like a blonde version of Annie! So I decided that I would loose curl the bottom layers and for the top create the roller effect with hair clips.
      And it worked!


Choosing the clothes was the fun part! I love all the vintage fashion and getting to wear the clothes was brilliant! I chose to wear a vintage skirt and then brought a petticoat to wear underneath to poof out my skirt and then i had a long sleeved top underneath to make it seem as if it was one dress. It was fun wearing it and pretending to be in the 1940's but little do they tell you how awkward it is to wear them! Let's just say visits to the toilet were rather amusing, you either took the whole thing off or you lifted up all the layers and hoped you were holding each layer or things could become a bit awkward!   
 There's been a Murder Mystery . . . in the 1940's! 

Little to say my 1940's experience was rather fun but I'm glad that I can wear leggings or jeans at the end of the day to lounge around in! 

X O X O 


  1. brilliant post,loved it! The old style fashion was so amazing and you all looked fantastic xx

    1. Thank you Hollie! I know, I loved wearing it! Thank you for reading :) x