Check your boobs!!

Check your boobs!!

I've not been sponsored in anyway to do this blog but I've been following coppafeel. For those of you who are unsure of who Coppafeel are - it's kind of self explanatory - Coppa- feel . . . as in boobs!! 

Basically they support and encourage women and men to get to know their boobs and feel for odd lumps and bumps! And if they find something odd to go to the doctors to get it checked out. 

Now that might sound scary to some people, getting half naked in front of your doctor. I know I've been there! 

This is my boob story. .  . .  

It all began summer 2015 when I happened to watch a video on Coppafeel and having never checked my boobs before decided to give it a go. And as I did so I came across a lump on my right boob. 

I freaked out and thought that was it. 

I had cancer.

And that was on my mind for two weeks. And instead of getting it looked at by a doctor, I decided to keep it to myself and measure the lump! If it got bigger, I'd go to the doctor to get it checked out, if it didn't I'd hide it. 

I'm just going to add that this is not what I recommend you do if you find a lump! I would recommend going to a doctor straight away to get it checked out. 

I kept my lump a secret for three months. Until one Saturday night, I got drunk and blurted out rather dramatically that I might have cancer, 

Let's just say all my friends told me off and told me to get it checked right away. 

With their support I phoned the doctor and got appointment that day. 

She then wanted to refer me to the Breast Cancer Clinic to make sure and I shouldn't be worried or over think about the lump. 

About two weeks later I got a letter through the post with a date to get my lump looked at by a specialist. 

As nervous as I was, I'm glad of my decision. 

I had a doctor look and feel the lump as well as a scan done. 

When it was over I was told I had a 14 mm cyst on my boob. 

It was nothing to worry about but something I should keep an eye on. 

If it got any bigger I was to go back to the doctor but it was very unlikely it would. 

It would probably shrink if not it would just stay there. 

And it is still there now. 

It hasn't grown or shrunk. 

I'm glad I had the support to get it looked at because it could have been something else and I'd never of known if I hadn't got it checked out. 

You should . . . . 

Check your boobs regularly. 

If you find anything odd, go to your doctor.  

Don't be embarrassed or shy about getting your boobs out. Doctors have seen it all before. 

I'll link in the coppafeel website below if you guys want to have a look. 

X O X O 

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