I'll find a way

I'll find a way

I guess when everything is grey and unclear

When it's misty, no path ahead appears 

so you stumble and balance 

trying to find your way on ahead 

Well . . . 

that was life .

And yet no path seems visible 

and things still seem a blur

There's something pulling 

waking me, holding me

 'Be strong' the wind whispers 

and carries me along.

I cried so many tears

about separation and fear

and anger towards parents 

who were suppose to care

Now I can focus on what lies ahead 
and siblings that matter 

needing me there. 

 I stand surrounded and no longer in fear

I've been heard and listened to

people do care.

Two sides to the story,

ours was left untold

they said we were liars

but we still remained strong.

No words can describe the way that it felt

to promise that things would be okay

as sad faces waved farewell from the window

as they slowly faded away from view

not knowing when we'd all meet again

As minutes turned to hours

and hours into days

I knew that I had to get up, carry on.

And I'll find a way,

I promised them that

for us all to be together again.

I'll find a way.