Always with Love || Book Review

Always with Love || Book Review

I haven't written a book review in a while or even read one for some months now. But when I was away in Ireland, I couldn't help but pick up a book and begin to read with a cup of tea. (of course!) 

The book that I read was Always with Love By Giovanna Fletcher. 

She happens to be one of my favourite authors and the books she has written before this one have made me cry, laugh - so many different emotions!!

*Spoiler Alert* 

Always with Love is her fourth novel and the continuation of her first novel Billy and Me. In the first book Billy and Me, you meet Sophie who is a young girl working in a tea shop. She meets Billy who happens to be a actor who is making it big in Hollywood. She falls in love and they have bumps along the way but gets trusted into the spotlight. 

Giovanna took us another journey with Billy and Me and invited us to spend Christmas with them. Billy invites Sophie to LA. 

Always with love takes us on a journey. Billy is currently on a break from his acting career and they head to LA to meet Billy's family. Whilst over in LA Billy gets an opportunity of a lifetime. Will he take it or go back to a little village in England? Sophie goes back to England alone with rumours circling about their relationship. Have they broken up? Why is Sophie alone? Why is Billy in La on his own? The story brings us the tale of a long distance relationship. There are doubts and worries along the way. Sophie decides whats best for her and chooses what she wants instead of everyone making the choice for her.  

I read this book within three days. (I was reading it in between sightseeing!) And I couldn't put it down. One thing I loved was how Billy and Sophie wrote letters to each other. So romantic! Writing letters isn't done a lot these days and it's much easier to send a text or email. I really want to know what happens next. The ending got me all teary eyed and I want more!! 

Giovanna really sets the scene and it makes me want to visit Rosefront Hill and sit in the tea shop and have a cup of tea there. I love the character of Sophie, she's not bothered about the LA lifestyle and would rather settle down in her tea shop n a little village than the glamorous lifestyle that LA brings especially being in the public eye with Billy. I like the way her character begins to decide what she wants instead of having everyone tell her what she wants out of life. This I can relate to. The struggles of a long distant relationship must be hard and you see this within the book. 

Overall I think this is a great follow on to the story of Billy and Me and if you haven't read any of them then please do so, you won't be disappointed! I hope she does another book to follow on from the last chapter, I need to know what happens next! 

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