Do what you love ♥

Do what you love ♥

Hey guys,

I saw a video on Facebook a few days ago and the message of the video has stuck in my head. 

The message of the video was basically 


I'm not sure how I came to see or watch the video but I remember it being true about our lives. 

As humans we spend our early years learning from pre-schools to school. That taking up a few years of our lives. Afterwards we have the choice to work or to study into further education and that takes up more years. In the end we all end up at work. 


That word. 

Is work to you just a 9am job till 5pm job? 

There's nothing wrong in a 9am till 5pm job but do you just count down the hours till you go home? Do you long for Fridays? 

I've been there, counting down the hours. Counting how many days till the weekend. Doing things to keep yourself busy so the hours will go quicker and it will be closer to home time. 

One thing I've learnt is you have to have a goal or something to work for. This can be anything and I realised I wanted more than to work. I wanted to do something I loved and have something to work towards and here I am, I'm writing. I have no idea where me and my laptop will go on our journey but I'm excited about it. The more I sit to write the more opportunities pop up or new ideas pop into my head and my imagination takes me on a whole new adventure.

Hard work and patience is the key to success. 

You can't get things over night, you have to do the time, the work and the effort has to go into it. Nothing happens if you don't give your all to things. 

After we work for 40-50 plus years we then retire. 

But 40-50 years plus of work. . . . 

that's a long time to be hopping from job to job just to pay the bills. There are so many opportunities out there and sometimes it does require a little bit of time and hard work but wouldn't it be worth it. 

Years go past and I look back at myself, I never had the confidence to leave or chase my dreams until a few years ago. I was too comfortable and thought to myself that I'll leave one day. And that thought went into days and days turned to months. And months to years until I had enough and thought it was best for me to leave. I could have been there for years to come and who knows when I would have another opportunity to. For me that was the best choice I made, for myself I know I'd never get things done that I wanted to do. 

I've started writing a novel and I know that would never of happened if I was busy travelling form one end of the town to the other and too tired to do anything when I got home. I now live 10 minutes around the corner from work and I have enough time to sit and write. I have found my passion for writing again. 

 I've had bad anxiety about writing and publishing my last book that I let it block and stop me from writing. Every time I wrote a post I'd refuse to publish it in fear. I let anxiety rule my life for months. All I needed was a change and time to sort myself out and now I can't wait to get home, open my laptop or get my notepad and pen. Most importantly I need a cup of tea and off I go. I write and apparently according to Tiernan I go into a zone. I'll ignore everything around me and just focus on my writing. Apparently he's tried to have a conversation with me and I've not answered at all. I think he's got used to it now, well I hope he has. 

But the video I watched made me realise we have to do what we love. We have little time and years go past so fast. In a blink of an eye, life will be gone. Most of the time we have we spend working. We have one sot. One life. We don't know when our time will be up.

Maybe you need a change in life. Maybe you need to get out your comfort zone. Maybe you need the encouragement to chase those dreams you've written in a notepad. I don't know all I can say is that I was so inspired to encourage you all to chase those dreams of yours. 

All I can say is. . . . 


X O X O 

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