Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

Today we took a trip to Arundel Castle. 

Arundel is a historic town in Sussex with a few little shops, cafes and culture. 

We happened to go to the Castle. Home to the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk. 

The Keep was built in 1067 and was was used to defend the south from invaders. 

Arundel Castle is home to the Howard's who are related to Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, both wives to Henry VIII. Queen Victoria came to stay at Arundel Castle with her Husband Prince Albert.

Today the castle is open for 7 months a year during the summer and then closed for the remainder of the year and the family are able to use the castle. The rooms that are on display are rooms the family still use when they want. And they are beautiful! It has a mixture of old and new. The castle rooms are fitted with electricity and photo's of the family as well as fitted with family heirlooms. 

We weren't allowed to take photo's of rooms itself but we took may photos of we could. Visit the website here.

We took a look all around the castle, including the castle, the keep, bedrooms, the gardens and the chapel. 
Tiernan did work experience here so it was nice being shown little thing's I didn't know such as a secret door and a hidden door that leads to a mystery room. There where many things I didn't know about the castle or the history of it. Up on the keep you can see the town of Littlehampton in the distance as well as the sea of the southern coast. The view is beautiful but getting up and down the stairs is a struggle. The stairs are so small and steep. It made me wonder how men in full body armour going up and down managed it. Today there was a Normans Knight Tournament and we got to see how and what knights would have worn and what they would have fought with. They used real weapons and wore real clothing that they would have worn. 

Take a look at some of our photos below! 

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