Day and Night Make Up || Vegas.com

Day and Night Make Up || Vegas.com

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I'm a huge fan of make up and I love to experiment and see what looks good! I'm always looking out for new products to try and also make up tips! One thing we all want when wearing make up is too look good! 

 I thought i'd share my Day look and Night look, what make up I would wear if I was going to Vegas.   I have never been but it's always interested me.I have discovered Vegas.com and had a look at there website and was amazed by the hotels.  They have some good deals if your looking to stay in Vegas! There are a few that caught my eye such as Caesars Palace, Bellagio and lastly Paris Las Vegas! The hotel I'm choosing to focus this make up look on is Caesars Palace! I love the look of this hotel. It looks so glamorous! This hotel has a Spa, Salon, a poker room, Colosseum and lots more to discover! Take a look at these pics! 

I have decided to base my make up on what I'd wear if I was staying in Vegas. 

Day Make-Up 

For a day make up, I try to keep it as natural as possible. I like light pinks, peaches and nude tones. I love Benefit products. They are my favourite brand to use but I have been exploring other products. For Foundation I wear either Benefit Big Easy or Bare Minerals  Bare Skin Foundation. For conceler I wear Benefit's boing. This is my favourite concealer and if you haven't tried it, i recommend you do! I also use Roller Last mascara winch is by benefit (of course!) My eyeliner is bourjois. I've used many eyeliners and this is the one I am currently using. I like the brush and it's easy to use if you want to add a dramatic eyeliner on your lid. My blusher is a benefit lip stain which can be applied to cheeks or lips. It gives quite a nice rosy glow to your skin. I also use brow zing (benefit) for my brows. I try to keep it natural for my make up in the day, nothing to heavy.  
In this pic I'm wearing a nude lip from Kiko. 

In this pic I am wearing just foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of blush. 

Night Make Up 

With Night make up I love my red lippy! I've been into a darker red more recently but whatever shade of red, I'll be wearing it! My favourite red lippy is MAC's Ruby Woo! It makes your lips nice and bright, also feels nice on and isn't sticky. I tend to wear bronzer instead of blush, but occasionally I'll wear the two together. My favourite bronzer is Benefit's Hoola. It's not to dark and it looks nice on if your doing a contouring your face.I'll add highlighter to my face, again I use benefit's Watt's up or shy beam. They just give your face a nice glow and isn't to overpowering!  I tend to wear the same foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara as the day time. I'll reapply make up if I was going on a night out. 

I'm wearing Ruby Woo Lippy in this one. 

In this pic I'm wearing a darker red by Kiko 

So there you have a make up look for the day and a make up look for the night. Take a look at vegas.com and take a look at some of their deals. I'm sorry I haven't done a make-up blog sooner, it's something I've been meaning to do! Hope those of you looking for make up to try like this blog, 

Till next time 


P.s. sorry for my weird selfies! 


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