Be Happy with who you are || Old Article Re-Post

Be Happy with who you are || Old Article Re-Post

Hey everyone, 

I used to write for an online an online magazine but has now closed down. I thought I'd re-post some of the articles I had written. P.s. Sorry for the lack of posts, am working on it! xx   

One thing I believe is important is that we should be happy with our lives and the way that we look. Sometimes we wish that we looked a certain way or wish we were skinnier or prettier, I know because I think this too. In today's culture when 'skinny' is supposed to be beautiful, it is hard for women to be happy in their skin. 

I'm not the most healthiest of people, I like to have that slice of cake or burger every now and then and that's okay, I am completely fine with the fact I will never be a size six, I love my food too much! Neither am I a person who enjoys exercise, the thought of push-ups, press-ups or touching my toes makes me feel tired! As I've gotten older, I have enjoyed going for a run. It makes me feel good about myself and I like to think I can get fit this way! I'm not a lazy person, I just think we are all different and we all have different interests, exercise is just not one of mine! I'm healthy and happy, I eat what I want in proportions and that's fine. I know what I can eat and what I know I should stay away from. As long as you are happy and healthy that's all that matters.

In today's society 'skinny' is deemed beautiful so if you don't fit in the stereotype of beautiful, you won't feel it.  When skinny models display clothing or fashion accessories it doesn't give much confidence to women who have problems with their weight. I believe that we need curvy women to model clothing, setting an example to young girls and women. 

Skinny isn't the ONLY beautiful shape, you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are naturally skinny then don't change the way that you are. I'm not saying that curvy girls are the only ones that are beautiful, it's just there is a lot of pressure on women to loose weight or to be a certain way to be accepted in today's society. I think everyone is beautiful and you are fine the way you are, I don't believe in changing the way that you look for others or just to fit in. 

In my experience I have had someone mock my nose in school calling me 'Pinocchio.' Yes it hurt and for ages I wanted to save to have cosmetic surgery to make it smaller. But what I realised was why should I change my nose because someone felt the need to mock and bully the way that I look. Sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious about my nose but that's why we should be careful what we say to others. Words do have an effect on people whether we mean it or not, sometimes things that are said as a joke can be taken in the wrong context.

I know we can spend money to make ourselves happier and change the way we look. With celebrities like Kim Kardasian who has had so much surgery done to herself to make her 'perfect' she doesn't portray a good role model for young women or teenage girls growing up.As young women, you are already doubting the way you look constantly, wanting to feel beautiful, accepted and seeing celebrities such as Kim K can make girls/women feel that they need surgery to have bigger boobs or a bigger butt. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, if you are really unhappy and you feel uncomfortable then by all means, have surgery to make yourself happy. I know personally I wouldn't, I know I'm not perfect and I could do with toning up and getting fit but I am happy with the way that I look. Yes I wear glasses and sometimes at school I got called 'four eyes' and again words stick with you but I can choose to wear contacts, I just don't. I like my big glasses, it makes me who I am. I've give listening to other peoples opinions and how I should look. I have tried it other peoples way and it just makes you unhappy and you wished you had never listened.

I really believe that you should be happy with you who you are and not listen to what others say. Like I said words do stick with you even several years later. I think you should be happy as you are not as someone wants you. If you enjoy cake and coke, have it in moderation. 

Be happy and healthy remember that life is short and we don't have enough time as it is. 

Be who you want to be, be original, be you. 

There is no one better and you will never be anyone else no matter how hard you try. I know if I have learnt anything over the last few years is to be happy with who I am, whether it's my weight, the way that I look, what I do with my life. I know that as long as I am happy with who I am then nothing else matters. 

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