BOOK REVIEW || The Diabolic by S.J.Kincaid

BOOK REVIEW || The Diabolic by S.J.Kincaid

The Diabolic by S.J.Kincaid Book Review 

Hey guys, 

I was kindly sent a copy of The Diabolic from the lovely people at Simon and Schuster UK to read and review. The book is beautiful and I have the hardback edition. You can find it on Amazon here or from waterstones 


A Diabolic is Ruthless 

A Diabolic is Powerful 

A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you've been created for.

This book is not the type of book I'd usually pick up to read but after starting the book I got into it very quickly. 

The main character is called Nemesis, she is a Diabolic, a super human. She was created to protect Sidonia, the galactic Senator's daughter. Growing up side by side, there is nothing she wouldn't do for Sidonia. The Emperor summons Sidonia to the galactic court as a hostage. The Senator knows there's only one way to protect his daughter and only one person who can. He send's Nemesis in her place. Nemesis must become Sidonia. Nemesis must hide her true abilities and risk everything. She must pretend to be human to save herself, Sidonia and the empire. 

I enjoyed reading the book. I liked the relationship between Sidonia and Nemesis, it is more of a sister relationship that really drives the story at the beginning of the story. There is a bit of a romance between Nemesis and Tyrus which was another reason why I had to read on to the end of the book. I wanted to know if they would end up together at the end of the book.

 Whether they did or not is for you all to find out! 

Can a Diabolic and a Human be in a relationship? 

My favourite part of the book is Nemesis. I like her background and story. She goes through a journey to protect the ones she has been made for with no other mission but as you go through her journey you see her change into a different character. She comes to realise that there is more than killing and protecting. 

This book is considered a YA and it was very easy to read. The book itself is beautiful. The cover got excited as soon as I opened the parcel!  I finished it in a couple of days, some of the chapters made me want to read on further.  Overall I enjoyed the book, would recommend it if you like Science Fiction, this is defiantly a book for you to read.

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