Worthing Museums Costume Trail!

Worthing Museums Costume Trail!

Hey guys,

My local museum is currently holding a costume trail with different costumes from their gallery, in different locations around my local area. I love history and their costume gallery is one to be looked at. They have one of the largest costume collection in the UK, with a few of them out on display in the museum. I'd always visit as a child and I remember the dress I loved the most which can still be seen today in the costume gallery. I doubt I'd even be able to fit into it, the ladies back then were so tiny! 

To kick off the Costume Trail, I visited the museum and picked up a map of the trail and each costumes location. In this blog, I won't be telling you what costume is where but I will simply write the locations of each costume and post the costumes I have found along the way. 

There are 10 Costumes to find. . . 

Locations of the Costumes . . . .

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

Worthing Town Hall 

Connaught Theater 

Pavillion Theater 

Starbucks in Worthing Town 

Dinnages Volvo

Worthing Hospital

Haskins Garden Centre

Tesco West Durrington 

Costumes I found . . . .

This dress was made by one of the museum staff and it's entirely made out of Christmas tree branches!

For more information on the costume trail or the museum itself you can visit their website or visit their facebook page.  

I'm not sponsored by Worthing Museum, I just fancied having a go at the Costume Trail and thought it would be fun to upload onto my blog! 

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