A Letters to Spring || If you were Popcorn . . . #ad

A Letters to Spring || If you were Popcorn . . . #ad

Dear Spring,

You are my favourite time of the year. 

Not only do you mean re-birth, the chance to start something again, you also give people a sign of hope. I love the way you have that sunny side to you, a way of saying you're happy, here I am, enjoy the days that I bring. But yet, you still have that glum side, that darker side to you. Even you, Spring are allowed to have your down days, like us all. I too get down days and sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a never ending April shower storm, just waiting for it to pass.

But Spring, you bring so much cheer and happiness. You are the first sign of summer, you mean that most of the cloudy days are gone on their way. One thing I love to do is snack during the hotter months, one of my favourite foods to snack on Spring is fruit, veg and popcorn.  

I've recently discovered this brand, SkinnyPop. A healthy alternative to Popcorn. I was thinking, what would happen If I mixed the two together? 

What would you be like if you were Popcorn, Spring? 

With you being so different, I bet you'd be different flavours. 

Around Easter time, you'd be covered in different types of chocolate. Milk, Dark and White. You'd dip your hand in, not knowing which type of chocolate you'd get. Spring, you bring Easter, a time where we eat a lot of chocolate and give to others. 

When your sun shines down upon us, I think you'd be popcorn covered honey. Your sunshine is golden just like honey in a jar. The colour yellow always reminds me of you, Spring. I've always loved the daffodils that appeared. They were always one of my favourites. 

For those darker, April shower days, you'd be a mix of dark fruits. You'd have a fruity twist with that dark cloudy feeling. You'd be a dark grapes, blueberries and blackcurrants combination.

Flowers begin to bloom when ever you're around Spring. We are surrounded by many colours as if we were walking right into a rainbow. With red tulips beginning to bloom, it is almost like you'd be fresh strawberry popcorn. Petals as red as the berry.  Or orange petals from a marigold, would be orange flavoured popcorn.

I love daises and have always done since I was able to make daisy chains to wear. If I could make a daisy chain out of popcorn, I'd use banana for the yellow centre with coconut as whit as the snow for the petals.

Even if though you're not popcorn, spring. Your still my favourite.

Till next time Spring.

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