The Magic Kingdom || Disneyland Paris

The Magic Kingdom || Disneyland Paris

I couldn't help but sit on the Throne in the lobby in the Hotel!

I have never been to any of the Disneyland parks until now. In half term I was fortunate to visit Disneyland Paris. I had no idea what to expect at all. I had watched a few vlogs on peoples trips and what they recommended doing when you got there.

Little to say I was extremely excited when I saw the first Disneyland sign and continued to look out for more as we approached the Disney park. We stayed in Dream Castle Hotel which looks like a European castle with a Disney magic twist.

The Garden's from the hallway window!
Just hanging out with His Majesty 

Once you get into Disneyland, it instantly feels magical. I was amazed and took everything in and as you begin to enter the park, you start to see Sleeping Beauty's castle in the distance.  I have to say Disneyland isn't called the magic kingdom for nothing. As you begin to walk down Main Street USA, everything is really clean and everything is in it's place.  Some of the more popular rides where closed when we went which meant all the other rides where busier. We didn't mind waiting for too long and when we got in the ride it was worth the wait.

Just about to enter the park! 

Walking down Main Street USA

 Had to take a picture outside the castle . . .
And then a silly one!!

Each land has it's own personality such as Frontier Land takes you through that age of cowboys and goldmines with rides such as Big Thunder Mountain or the Haunted Mansion. There are many themed restaurants to choice from for snacks or a meal. We went on Big Thunder Mountain twice, it is one of my favourite rides! Also The Haunted House is a must!

Tiernan outside the Haunted Mansion

Adventure Land is full of adventure and is only for the brave and fearless. There are many attractions here such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Pirates of the Caribbean was closed when we visited and is due to open again at some point this year. Again there are many themed restaurants and shops.
 The Jolly Roger

 Fantasy Land is where Disney's enchanted tales come to life. With rides such as Peter Pans Flight or The Mad Hatters Teacups. There's many things to do and again many themed shops and restaurants as well as exploring Sleeping Beauty's castle.  Peter Pan's flight is a must! A small world also is a good ride to go on, the song is very catchy and I ended up singing it for the rest of the day! We also went in Alice's Maze and The Mad Hatter's Teacups.

 The view from Sleeping Beauty's castle
 The White Rabbit

 Look how many cup's of tea I could have!!
Tiernan pulling the sword out the stone

Don't touch the spindle!

The other Land is Discovery Land which is Si-Fi based and full of things from the future. Most of the rides or attractions where closed when we visited but again are due to open at some point this year.

I really tried to beat Tiernan's score, turns out he's a better galaxy defender than I am!

We also visited Walt Disney Studios Park and it felt like you were visiting Hollywood itself. With many restaurants and attractions there and rides such as Hollywood Tower Hotel it's a must to visit. Also if your a fan of Star Wars, you need to check out the parades such as the First Order March it makes you feel like you are actually there. My fiancee Tiernan is a bit Star Wars crazy and we had to experience the First Order March. I did nearly loose him to the First Order!

Waiting to join the first order

After the Star Wars parade we headed back to the main park where the Disney Parade was about to start. I had seen a few characters around the park but I was told it was a must see by one of people who work at the park. Little to say he was not wrong! Most of the characters I had grown up to love where there. One of Captain hook's pirates tried to steel my minnie mouse ears and I got a hi-5 from one of the penguins from Mary Poppins. If your thinking of going or are, watch the parade, it is worth it! 

Before the park closes they light up the castle and put on a little show for the crowd. On top of the castle is the second star to the right and that lights up. You pretty much see the characters you love and those songs you've sung since you could sing. With special effects helping, it truly a way to round off the trip.

The magic kingdom isn't called the magic kingdom for nothing! I completely recommend you visit if your as Disney crazy as I am!

Till next time. . .

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