The A to Z of ME Tag!! #GettingPersonal

The A to Z of ME Tag!! #GettingPersonal

I thought it might be fun to get a bit personal with you all by doing the A to Z of me Tag. It's something a bit different and I thought I'd try doing it! 

A is for Alice in Wonderland. I've been a fan of Alice in Wonderland since I watched the Disney version of the tale. The quote from the book "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Adele is one of my faves too. I tend to attempt to belt out her hits such as Hello or When we were Young in the shower or the bath. 

B is for Brighton which is one of the places I love! There's shopping, the lanes where there are amazing little shops, Brighton seafront and pier! There's something there for everyone.  Books is also something I love, I have a huge pile of unread tales waiting to be read! 

C is for crying, I'm such an emotional person. I cry at everything . . . . films (ANY, I cried during a horror!)  moments with people, the list goes on. Also Coronation Street, my guilty pleasure and if I've got free time, I'll watch it on catch up!! 

D is for driving which is something I haven't done . . . yet. I once got into a car and stalled it and that is the end of my driving history! Daisies are my favourite flower! Also I'm a massive Disney fan and I recently went to Disneyland Paris which was amazing. I cried when I entered the park, I was in love completely! 

E is for Europe. I want to go to Europe and explore more! I'd like to go back to Rome and go to Berlin or Paris.  Also for Eggs which is something I dislike .  .  . unless they are made of chocolate

F is for Fish! My brother and I had pet fish when we were younger. I called mine Ballet and my brothers was called Jaffa Cakes!
G is for Guitar! I'm self taught and am still learning! I've worn Glasses for 14 years now but before I had glasses, I couldn't see a thing and at school. I'd try and guess what was written on the white board or I'd look to see what the person next to me was writing and cope from them. I had to convince my mum to take me for an eye test, she thought I was joking! 

H is for Holiday. My first ever trip abroad was to Rome with my two best friends and my fiance! 

I is for Impractical Jokers. I saw them earlier this year at the o2 Arena in London.  

J is for Jogging. Something I really need to get back into! Jack Whitehall is one of my favourite comedians!  

K is for Kayleigh the song by Marillion. This is the song that my parents both loved and decided to call their first daughter after it. You can hear the song here!  

L is for lump that I found on my right breast. I got mine checked out with a bit of encouragement. Mine was just cyst and the doctors said it will probably be there forever. Always check your boobs and if you find any lumps, get it checked out! When I was younger Laa Laa was my favourite Teletubby as she was yellow! 

M is for mushrooms! I really dislike them, when they are cooked they look like slugs! Marie is also my middle name! 

N is for the Novel I've been trying to write for the last year and a half. I also like to eat a spoonfuls of Nutella and usually do so when I'm home on my lunch break! 

O is for Online. When I was younger it was all about MSN messenger, bebo and myspace! Whenever we got to use the computers in school, it meant we got to communicate with friends via MSN or chatting to smarterchild!  Also we'd always make sure that our Bebo had the latest and  coolest skin (looking back, we'd probably die with embarrassment) On Bebo we'd often ask our friends to give us love and was also the one place you could get personal in your bio and dedicating it to the other half of you which would always be a friend you were close or a boyfriend. 

P is for Penguins, one of my favourite animals. I recently saw some on my last trip to Ireland. Pancakes are also one of my faves, especially if they are made from scratch! 

Q is for quotes! I love finding inspirational quotes and sharing them to inspire others!  

R is for Reading. I'm a bit of a bookworm and my pile of books are growing by the day. 

S is for siblings! I'm one of 9 and the eldest.  The Spice Girls were my favourite childhood band. Baby spice was my favourite. I'd wear my hair in little pigtails and I had a similar dress to what she wore which meant I wore it all the time.  

T is for tea, I love a cup of tea and is probably my favourite thing to drink! I also burnt the first piece of toast I ever made and set the fire alarm off too! Luckily I've gotten better at making toast! 

U is for Ukulele. I love the ukulele and I have two and I quite like playing them when I have a few spare minuets. I can play Adele, Ed Sheeran and recently learnt how to play 'Can't help falling in love' I also did a creative course at Brighton University for a year as part of a project I got involved in.  

V is for the Violin which is something I wanted to play when I was younger. Except I chose it's much bigger sister the Cello instead! Vanilla and Strawberry are my favourite flavours of Ice Cream

W is for Washing Machines! I once decided to open a washing machine in the launderette because I wanted to see something in the machine and ended up flooding the launderette. I was three years old at the time and before the days of childproof washing machines!! I also love a glass of wine . . . or two! 

X is for Xmas!! I get so excited at Christmas. I love the magic of it all. 

Y is for Yellow! I quite like the colour yellow and at school I was always placed in anything yellow.  

Z is for my Zodiac sign, I'm an Aries! 

                                                                   Till next time . . . .

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