Top ten things to do in London.

Top ten things to do in London.

I love London! It's historical and there's always something to do. I love to go up to London whenever I can and try and spend the whole day up there. If you find yourself in London, I've created a list of my top ten things to do to visit or things to do.

1. The London Underground

Now I'm a person who likes to be in a place as quick. I don't like to que for very long or wait around. With the London Underground you can get from one side of London to the other in minuets. London has many different stations and lines but once you get used to the system, it's easy to travel. Each station is unique and has their own look to them. Some can be vintage and show their history where as others can be quite modern. One thing I know is that it gets very hot down there! 

2. Oxford Street

Oxford Street is famous for Shopping and if you're a shopper than this is the place to be. With Selfridges taking centre stage and many familiar shops, there's something for everyone. There are many different shops and restaurants, you can spend hours walking up and down Oxford Street. 

3. Selfidges
Selfidges is amazing and yes it's in Oxford Street but it deserves it's own category completely. I love the history behind Selfidges and brought a whole new meaning to the word shopping. They say in Selfridges there is something in there for everyone and that is completely true. Even if you think you wouldn't buy anything in Selfridges, it's worth a look and you'll never know what you'll come across. 

4. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the one place in London that hadn't changed at all. It simply stood still as the rest of London changed with time. With street performers showing off their talent and buskers on street corners, there is lots to see and do. Plus Covent Garden Market is always a place to visit. (Just be careful of the stairs at the tube, there are lots so I advise you to take the lift! Unless you like climbing stairs!) There is a lovely Cake shop in the centre where they do the most amazing little cupcakes! 

5. The West End

I love the West End. There's just something about all those theatres and little lanes of shops. I walk down there and its like a street full of magic. Each theatre full of different shows, talent and it's own style. I would recommend visiting, there is a lot too see and do!  Carnaby Street is right around the corner which is where you'll find Chocci-wokki-Doohah! It is home to the most amazing Chocolate ever, if your after the chocolate cafe upstairs you might have to wait a while but its worth it!

6. Portobello Road

I wanted to visit Portobello Road through a Disney obsession with Bedknobs and Broomsticks where they dance in the street to the song 'Portobello Road'. Every time I visit I always end up humming the tune! It certainly is a place to visit and there market is huge and have different things to buy. Like Covent Garden, some bits of Portobello Road hadn't changed and still has that vintage feeling towards it.

7. The Sites and Historic side of London

If you have never seen the sites of London then I recommend them! Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace . . . the list goes on. If you're into history, then the Tower of London is always a good day out. 

8. Museums

London has several museums and they are worth a look. Science Museum,  History Museum,  Victoria and Albert Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, The Museum of London, The British Museum. . . Again the list goes on. I have been to most of the museums and I would recommend them. Each have their own personal feel to them as well as different attractions to them! Most of them are free, sometimes they have exhibitions on which might charge you to visit. 

9. London Attractions

When I put this as a header I mean Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons,  London Sealife Centre etc. I've done these all a few times and it's a good day out. They tend to get busy at weekends and  during hafl term. Would recommend buying tickets online so you don't have to que as long. But they are brilliant!

Just chilling with Audrey! 
10. London Parks

London have lots of Parks, and it's nice to go on a stroll to the park. Hyde Park is nice to go or St James Park. 

So there is my top ten things to do or places to visit when in London.

Do you agree or are there any places or things I've missed off my list.

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  1. I love London too! My particular favourite has to be London Bridge, its the combination of history and sight which fascinates me! Great recommendations! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

    1. Yeah, I totally agree! It's always fascinated me too! Thanks for reading :) xx