Dream Dressing Room #AD

Dream Dressing Room #AD

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved looking at home-ware and what I'd love in a house of my own. I'd forever be looking through catalogues and choosing what bed I'd have or sofa to what TV I'd like in my living room. I love looking through pinterest, for ideas or House Romanov. (I'll link my pinterest here if you fancy taking a look or giving me a follow) 

I have found Arhaus on Pinterest and I'm in love with their furniture and ideas. I'll link their pinterest here!  I've decided to use their pinterest and website to design my dream dressing room. As a little girl, I've always wanted a dressing room with a walk in wardrobe and a big mirror. I love vintage furniture and fairy lights, with wall art to inspire me! 


I'd love white walls. I quite like things plain so that it can be decorated with wall art, fairy lights or bunting.


I would have cupboards and wardrobes, all white. I love the shabby chic/ Vintage look so I'd probably have something a bit like this. 

I'd have a few chairs to lounge in with grey or white cushions. 

I'd love a dressing table to put my make up and accessorise on.

I'd probably have a coffee table or something for a book or two and enough space for me to be able to have a cup of tea. I'd like to think I could hide from the world here. 


I'd love a massive mirror or a few smaller mirrors in my dream dressing room. 

A full length one so that I could see what my outfit looked like and one on my dressing room table, so I would be able to put my make up on. 

Completely love this, would love this in House Romanov! 


I quite like these lights! 

You can take a look at Arhaus Lighting Here


With white walls, I'd decorate them with fairy lights, bunting and wall art. 

I'd have grey curtains and a grey rug on the floor. 

I found a few things on pinterest that I loved and had to share. 

Disclaimer- I don't own the rights to these images, these images are found on pinterest

Kilner jars aren't always about the kitchen. They make ideal vintage storage solutions for your bathroom also!

I love jars! I have jars filled with make up brushes and accessorise.
I'd love bunting! I'd love something inspirational.

OMM DIY Word Banners | Cool DIY banners from OMM Design

13 ways to use fairy lights to make your home look magical
Completely in love with this!

I love this! 

I'd have something like this on the wall. 

So that's some of the things I'd have in my dream dressing room. 

Make sure to take a look at Arhaus' website here, Instagram and take a look at their pinterest. I'm in love with their pinterest and am using it for inspiration. 

Till next time . . .

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