Glossybox | June Beauty Box

Glossybox | June Beauty Box

Hey Lovlies

I was recommended buying a Glossybox. 

What's a Gossybox, I hear you ask. 

Glossybox is a boxed surprise filled with beauty products.  Each month there is five selected products in a beautiful pink box delivered to your doorstep! I will link the products I got below in mine. With your first box you get a few extra goodies which I loved!  I wanted a box for a year, getting one delivered to my doorstep each month for £10 plus P&P. There are other subscriptions you can get but for more information click here 

June's GlossyBox! 

When my GlossyBox arrived I was a little bit excited! The package it's self was super cute. As soon as I took off the outer packaging, I was left with a pretty pink box. The box it's self is a nice size and I'll defiantly be keeping the boxes. I have plans for the first few!

Let's see what's inside the Box! 

The first thing I looked at was the Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream. This is priced at £6.50. I love hand cream and I've used Argan Oil before so I'm intrigued with this product. I haven't opened this yet but I'm looking forward to trying this. According to GlossyBox this product promises to "condition your nails, moisturise your cuticles and leave your hands feeling supremely soft and nourished."

The next product I looked at was the Beauty Pro Black Diamond Mask. This Costs £4.95. 
I've watched a few YouTube videos with peel off face masks and cringed a bit but always wanted to try it. I love a good face mask so when this came in the box, I knew I'd be trying this straight away! 

I have already used this product and it works a treat! Applying this was tricky as I can't see without my glasses, it went everywhere! I eventually applied is and left it on for about 15 mins. The mask itself was easy to apply and didn't feel tight on the skin when it was ready to be taken off 15 minuets later. Peeling off was a tad bit weird and felt funny! My fiance Tiernan even had a go but found it too weird. My skin felt amazing after the face mask. I shall be buying more of these! 

This is the next product I got in my June box. This is a Heat and Shine Spray by Batiste, priced at £4.49. I've never used any of their products so I was intrigued!  I'll admit, I was a bit confused to what this product was until I reread the product and realised it was a heat spray. I always use heat spray if I'm styling my hair with heated styling tools. I'll defiantly be using this as soon as I've used up my current heat spray. 

The next product is 111 Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel. This product costs £110 for a full sized product. I've never heard of this brand before and so I was a bit curious. I love skin care product and so I'm looking forward to trying this. This gel should help with puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and dark lines. You don't get the full sized amount in the box, but you do get a little mini version! 

The next product is the Manna Kadar Sheer Glow, this is a mini version of the main product which is priced at £22.50. This product can be added to foundation or applied to bare skin. I haven't opened this product yet but I shall defiantly be giving this a try. I shall be looking forward to having a summer glow. 

The last product you get is a Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon, Priced at £5.50. This is suppose to make your lips look and feel fuller. I've read a few Blog reviews before getting the June GlossyBox that it makes your lips tingle. I shall defantly be trying this. I again haven't opened this product but shall be! 

As this was my first GlossyBox, I got a few extra products! 

This was the first free product I got. This is the Model Co Contour Stick. This contour stick promises to give you a natural-looking contour.  It is suppose to blend easily when applied to jaw line, cheekbones or nose. I'm not too sure what to think of this product but I'll deffantly be giving it a try! 

The last free product I got was This Works in transit Camera close-up. This product is suppose to balance, plump and brighten your skin tone for any skin types. I have opened this product and it is amazing. I have dry skin so I make sure I look after my skin and have used lots of different product. This is defiantly one that I love already. It's easy to apply and I'm going to look into buying some more as soon as I've finished the one that I have. 

That's all of June GlossyBox! I know it's not June anymore and I'm a bit late in writing my review but I'm loving GlossyBox already. If you're thinking of getting one, I really recommend it. It's good value for money plus you get products that are amazing and are recommended. I'll link the July GlossyBox here in case any of you lovlies want to take a look! 

I'm not sponsored by GlossyBox. Neither have I been asked by GlossyBox to write this review. It's just something that I love, recommend and wanted to share with my readers. 

Till next time

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