Benefit Beauty Buys!

Benefit Beauty Buys!

Hello Lovlies,

I'm a huge Benefit Cosmetics fan and I'm forever buying their make-up. Not only are their products amazing but their packaging is so cute. If your looking to buy any Benefit make-up, then you've come to the right place! I'm not sponsored by Benefit at all, I just love their products and I need to tell you guys how fab they are! These products that are featured in my blog are the products I love, recommend trying and products I use all the time.

The first product I recommend trying is a Primer. The POREfessional Matte Rescue is one of my favourite primers. I use a primer often and I like the feel of this one on my skin especially if I'm going to wear a lot of make up. The product itself makes my skin feel smooth and it looks clear. It helps keep my make up stay put. Benefit have a range of primers and it's always best to find one that is suitable for your skin. This is one that I am using at the moment and haven't tried before. 

This product is The POREfessional: pore minimising makeup. This product is aimed at minimising your pores and is part of the POREfessional family. This is aimed to cover imperfections in the skin such as redness and keeps oil at bay! This is my favourite Benefit product by far and it's good to wear instead of foundation or under foundation. It comes with it's own sponge which can be found on the bottom of the product and comes in five different shades. Always find a Benefit assistant to help you find the right shade for your skin. 

I think I've written about Hello Flawless before but this product is simply amazing. This is a powder which can be used for full coverage or used for quick strokes across the face or a quick blend. I literally cannot live without this product and doesn't leave you looking 'cakey' like some powders can do. This product too comes in different shades and again make sure you ask to get your skin matched to the right shade. 

Hoola lite is one of my favourite bronzers by far. This bronzer is aimed for people with fairer skin and for someone like me who is pale, this is an ideal bronzer for a contour or a golden glow. I tend to use this bronzer the most as it doesn't leave me orange!! This makes my skin looks natural and gives me the glow that I want which looks completely natural.

If I want to make more of a contour to my face then I'd use . . . .

Hoola Quickie Contour Stick!
This product is aimed to give you a more contoured look to your face and is easy to apply. This product is creamy and is easy to apply to your skin and blends easily and leaves you looking natural. It's ideal if you haven't got much time to do a contour. 

GALifornia is by far my favourite blusher and how cute is the box! This blusher has a golden pink glow when you open up the product and gives you a nice summery pinkness to your cheeks when applied which means you don't have to apply as much highlighter. It also smells amazing and I was told it smelt like pink grapefruit and vanilla! Perfect for summer!

Dandelion twinkle highlighter is by far my favourite highlighter. Not only is it in a cute box but it also smells amazing and looks amazing on your cheeks. It's to to heavy or to shiny like some highlighters and leaves you with a natural looking glow. It's easy to blend and can be worn with all skin types. This is probably one of the best highlighters I've used and I love the way it looks on my skin. 

This is the latest concealer from Benefit and I have to say I'm in love! This concealer covers dark lines under the eyes, redness and any imperfections you don't want anyone to see. This product is perfect to hide it all! It's really easy to apply and blends really well. Again there are different shades so make sure you ask an assistant to help you find the right shade for your skin. This concealer gives your skin an airbrush finish. It's quite light on the skin and feels nice to wear and again doesn't leave you looking cakey. Benefit do have other concealers in this range, this was just the one I decided to try. Each concealer has a different use or coverage and it's always best to see which concealer would be best for your skin. But i would recommend trying this one as it does leave your skin looking fab!

So these are just some of the Benefit beauty products I'd recommend and I'm using. I have a load more but I think that will be for another blog! 

Is there any products you love that I've missed off my list?
Any products from Benefit you recommend I try?
Let me know in the comments.

Check out Benefit Cosmetics website here, I know they have a sale on at the moment which I shall be taking a look at! 

Till next time


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