Glossybox | July's Beauty Box

Glossybox | July's Beauty Box

Hey lovlies,

I'm a little bit late with this review of July's glossybox but here it is anyway. I've actually used some of these products in the July's box so I can give you my own personal opinion. 

Before I review these products, can I just say the box is so cute and I'm going to keep this box for sure. I think this may be my favourite box so far! It was the perfect was to start summer. 

What was in the June Glossybox ?

The first thing I tried was the hairbands. I was going to work the next day and so I thought I'd use these bands to put my hair up in. The spiral bands hold hair in place and prevents hair from breaking and damaging and also prevents hair from breaking. This can happen if you put your hair up in a normal elastic hair band. I do prefer using the spiral hairbands to put my hair up in as to the elastic bands as I find it's nicer on my hair and also I find that my hair doesn't have that kink in your hair when you take it out. Having layered hair, I have to have my band quite tight (because my layers will fall out if I don't!!), I find that these bands don't give me a kink when I take it down after! RRP is £4.99. I love the colours that I got too, just the right colours to feel summery! 

Inside the box was also a Spectrum brush which I love. I have used this brush and again used it straight away. The brush we got was a fan brush which is perfect to apply the banana powder (which we also got in our Glossybox, see next item if your interested!!) I have also used this brush to apply Highlighter on my cheekbones and other areas on my face as well as using it to set my foundation using the banana powder. Love this brush, was one of the best products in this box. RRP is £4.99.

Banana setting power is the next thing I've used from this glossybox. I have to say I had no idea what Banana powder was when I opened the box but with a little reaserch, I came to know what it was. Banana setting powder is something that can be used to set your foundation. Being yellow, the powder is saidto counteract the redness, discoloration, blemishes and dark cirlcles in paler skin tones and if you have an olive or a darker skin tone, banana powder is said to create a beautiful highlight or glow to the skin. I am pale so this worked as a powder for me and after I had put my foundation on, I used the fan brush to apply it. After letting it sit for a little while, I dusted it off. I have to say, I am impressed with the banana powder and I still use this now. RRP is £25.

The next product is Delwash cleansing conditioner. I haven't used this yet so I'm intrigued to what this does. It states that it is to revolutionise your morning showers. This conditioner is full of hydration and is said to clean hair without stripping it and leaving it dry. It suits all hair types and is to be used as a normal shampoo. I haven't used this product yet but I am intrigued by it and I can't wait to use this product on my hair. RRP is £16.80

The last product in the July Glossybox is MONUspa Soothing After Sun Lotion. Again I haven't used this product as I tend to stay away from the sun as I go as red as a lobster!! This product is said to hydrate and cool the skin after being in the sun. It contains vitamin E and shea butter. It is to be applied to the face and body after being in the sun. It states 'Holiday companions don't get more useful than this! ' 

So that's everything I got in my July box and I'm loving everything that I've tried.   

I do however have to post this photo of my Fiancee being helpful when it came to taking photo's of the Glossybox. He was so confused to why I was taking photo's of all the products and simply had to add his touch! Thank you Tiernan, not entirely sure that Glossybox will start adding Ice Cream to their beauty box!

I have literally got the August Glossybox. It was delivered this morning, so here's a sneak peak of this months Glossbox! I will be reviewing this box as soon as I've tried out a few of the products! 

How cute!! 

Till next time lovlies . . .

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