Life as an Overthinker

Life as an Overthinker

Overthinking is something I struggle with a lot and I'm trying to deal with this. I've come to the conclusion, my anxiety and my overthinking are evil twins, each of them trying to see which one wins my mind, it's a constant battle. Anxiety comes hand in hand with over thinking and sometimes I'd just like to not have to worry about something that I've got my self in a state about, because I've over thought about it. Does that make sense? 

There are things in my day to day life and makes things really difficult. Such as plugs being left on or windows or doors being left open every time I try to leave the house even if I'm upstairs and I've left the back door unlocked. I'll over think about situations that might never happen and instead of me dealing with them at the time it happens, I'll over think about it to the point where I can't think about anything else. Sometimes leaving the house is tough if I'm the last to leave. It's easier being the first to leave as I know someone else will lock the house and it's less worry for me. There's not one moment where I've run around the house a few times making sure plugs are off and windows are shut. Then when I'm about to leave, I'll think I've left the spare room window open or I've left the plug in the bedroom with my hair straighteners in the socket, even if I've checked moments before. Leaving the house is also a challenge! I'll be half way down the road and I'll already be over thinking about if I had locked the front door and so I'll go and check again. This can make me very late for things but if I don't do it, I'll over think the situation and that will set off my anxiety. This can also happen at work, if I'm on holiday or just being at a friends house. 
Breathing is one of the keys to not over thinking. We breath anyway in order to survive but taking the time to actually concentrate on your breathing really helps. I've learnt that I have to clear my mind of all things that is troubling me. When I feel calm enough, it's time to deal with this situation that I'm overthinking about. Most of the time, I have no reason to be worrying about, I'm just simply overthinking about small things that not be worried about. This works sometimes, I'm not going to lie. It depends what the situation is. Another thing that helps is music, having a playlist of calming relaxing or happy songs. I have a playlist or particular songs that I listen to when I need to try and deal with things, I'll put my ear phones in and turn the world and my mind off. This works the most, there's just something in music that helps me relax and even my fiancee knows when I'm having a down day due to the songs that I play! These things are easy to write down on but are harder to actually put in place. There's been times where I'm fine during the day because I've been busy and my mind has been active, the minute I get into bed, my mind is alive. It's like it knows that I need to sleep but decides to stay up and throw a party of worries!! But that's when the over thinking kicks into over drive and there's been times where I can't sleep for hours, and there's sometimes where I'll have to put myself to sleep using music or the tv! Anything can make me overthink, more so if it's something I can't control or situations I think could happen. That will come hand in hand with worrying about the thing that I've been overthinking about. It's about staying in the present that is the thing I need to focus on. Thinking about what is happening now not tomorrow of a year down the line. Focusing on today is what is important as an overthinker not tomorrows worries. Life can be very black and white and the more I sit and I worry, I'm scared I'll actually miss out on things that are happening now because I'm worrying about tomorrows problems. Simple situations that are very usual or normal or can be sorted easily becomes a rollercoaster of thoughts and worries and turns into a nightmare of overthinking. It's time consuming and draining but life goes on and the most important thing about being an overthinker is not letting it control your life!

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