Perfect Gifts for your Man! | Men's Society #ad

Perfect Gifts for your Man! | Men's Society #ad

I'm the kinda girl who loves to treat her man! Whether it's simply buying a bar of chocolate (Galaxy if being correct because he's a chocaholic!) or simply a little something if I've run into town, I love the idea of surprising him with a little something when he gets home from work. I don't think its all down to men to surprise women with flowers and chocolates, even though it's nice when they do. I'm a modern women and men deserve to be treated too! 

So when I heard about Men's Society I instantly thought this was something I'm interested in. Men's Society is a gift site for men. So for those males in your life, they could be in luck! I've had a sneak peak on their website and instantly there was just so much choice. Men's Society let me choice something to give to my fiancee as a gift and I knew this was going to be a struggle. There is just so much choice! If your looking for a gift for a male loved one then I urge you to take a look on their site which I'll link here!  

The gift I got sent was Damn Handsome Beard Kit.

 In this gift set came a little comb, scissors, beard oil and wax.

 My fiancee had shaved off his beard just before this gift set came so we've been waiting for his beard to regrow in order to write this post! This kit is designed to keep beards looking trimmed, prevent any frizz and moisturise the skin as well as style the beard. This kit can be used on any skin types and can be used by all. This can be used at home or taken away. 

For best use, apply oil onto beard, massaging it through gently. Using the comb to brush through the beard and trimming the beard with scissors. Apply wax to style. 

We love this little kit and it's perfect for styling that beard! The oil smells really nice and not unpleasant which is brill. This oil is also cruelty free which is another bonus! The comb is so cute and the perfect size to comb through a beard. It doesn't tag at the hairs or hurt when combing. The scissors are the perfect size to trim and handy for those odd stray hairs. When it came to styling, we really liked how the wax came out the tub and smelt and felt nice when applied. 

As Christmas is fast approaching, would defiantly recommend taking a look on their site as they have some pretty good gifts. It's perfect for a male loved one. 

Here are some of the gift sets you can buy! 

Smooth Operator Kit can be found here 

Sneaker Cleaning Kit - Men's Society
Sneaker Cleaning Kit can be found here

 Off To The Gym Kit - Men's Society
Off to the Gym Kit can be found here 

See you soon! 

X O X O 

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