I've been away for half term and was so busy through the week, I haven't had five mins to sit at my desk and write or even blog. I went to two places in Ireland, Dublin and Galway. In this post, I'll be focusing on my adventures in Dublin. Having been to Ireland before, I was expecting Dublin to be the Irish version of London and in someways the two are very similar. But I may have fallen a little in love with Dublin. It's such a beautiful city in the day and at night. Each little road, having it's own personality, the old Dublin is mixed in with the new and the more I explored, the more I wanted to stay. 

Having only been to a quieter areas of Ireland, Dublin was completely the opposite. We arrived in Dublin in the afternoon and as soon as we landed I wanted to ditch our stuff and explore. Dublin is great for shopping, with shops for pretty much everything. Not knowing much about the capital city, Tiernan (my fiancee) soon taught and showed me all the top spots. One being Trinity College, Grafton Street and Ha'Penny Bridge which is a famous Bridge in Dublin.
Trinity College

After exploring for an hour or two it was time to get back to the hotel to get ready and go out for the evening. Tiernan was taking me to The Bank Restraint and Bar. Not only was the food amazing, but the place it's self was beautiful. I found something to look at every time my eyes scanned the room. The Restaurant used to be an old bank back in the day but had closed and turned into a resuturant. 
We sampled a few Irish Pubs, then headed back to our hotel. 

Temple Bar

The next day we headed to the Guinness Factory. Now I'm not a Guinness drinker at all but I was intrigued and I wasn't disappointed at all. You don't actually enter and see the guinness being made but you learn all about the drink, how it's made and the history as well as how to drink it properly. 

I'll have the largest Guinness please! 

Tried Guinness the proper way of drinking it . . . Still not keen!! 


Wicklow Mountains. Look at that view!

Once we had toured the factory, we headed to The Brazens Head for Lunch. The Brazen's Head is the oldest pub in the whole of Ireland and it is beautiful. It is here that I tried my first Irish Stew. 

We headed to Trinity College as we didn't have time to explore it the day before. It was huge and I learnt that it is one of the top places to be educated. We then explored some more and then headed out to experience some of the nightlife Dublin had to offer. Irish music is brilliant and there was traditional Irish tunes mixed with more modern songs and every pub we went too, was completely packed out. This was on a Wednesday Night!! Most of the pubs we went too had live music on and people of all ages were out and about, singing along to the music. As we walked through the city, it was light up with lights and it looked kinda magical. 

We didn't do all the top tourist attractions but for two days we were pretty busy and did a lot. I would recommend going to Dublin, just because it's such a lovely city and there is so much to do. We explored a lot and there are a lot of little lanes with shops, pubs or restaurants. Everything stays open till quite late too which I found pretty amazing because everything in the UK shuts pretty early. 

After a busy couple of days we left Dublin and headed to Galway . . . .

Till Next Time Lovlies . . . 

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