Why I dislike Christmas Shopping | Blogmas #2

Why I dislike Christmas Shopping | Blogmas #2

Happy December!! 

The official countdown to Christmas has begun.

Last year in the month of December, I attempted the 12 days of Blogmas which I failed at. I just find it really hard to write yet alone having to upload everyday, with having a full time job and having other commitments as well. I am however going to do Blogmas but do it my way!

To kick Blogmas off, let's get onto the subject of Christmas Shopping! 
For those of you who've been reading my blog for a little while now, you'll know I love Christmas. Not just because it's magical but because for giving, spending time with the ones that you love and the atmosphere is just so exciting. 

I've discovered I hate Christmas shopping....


Yep,  you read that. 

I hate Christmas shopping. 

Now I've completely forgotten about Christmas this year and hadn't thought about anything to do with Christmas until December the 1st. That's when it all sunk in, I haven't even started my Christmas Shopping. So this weekend has been a mad rush to cram in as much shopping as I could but like me, everyone else had the same idea. I love shopping but I dislike Christmas Shoppers with the exact same idea. I love hitting the high street rather than buying online, I like to see what I'm buying rather than it being delivered to the door. But I've come to the conclusion that next year I'll be doing just that.

This weekend this is what I discovered ...

I dislike 'isle hoggers.' I'm all for people shopping but either move a little bit so others can look too. I mean this woman yesterday in Brighton wasn't even close to the shelf and no one could walk past her and no one could look at the items because she had taken up that part of the isle. I'm quite a patient person but when you've said 'excuse me' several times, you then only have to make your own way past her. This also counts for people going in or out of a shop or waiting outside. Either go in or out and don't stand in the doorway looking at your receipt because other people want to get on with their shopping too. Walk out of the shop and move to a place where there are no people and do it there. As for people who are waiting outside the shop, please don't wait in the doorway. It means that polite Christmas shoppers that have said 'excuse me' a dozen times, can't get on with their shopping and don''t be rude to them when you've ignored them and they've pushed past you to get into the shop. 

Another type of person that annoys me is the 'neck breathers'. That person who insists in standing behind you even when you've moved over so that they can look at the same items.
They always moan under their breath or if you apology's for taking up the room, they'll then barge in and take up the space and push you slightly out of the way. You always get that one person who insists in breathing down your neck and tutting when you get in their way, even if you where there first. I get your doing your shopping but so am I.  What happened to a little bit patience?! Or even manners? I genuinely gave up and walked out! I can't be dealing with rude people!

Slow coaches annoy me too. These are the people who just wonder slowly through the street like they haven't a care in the world. Yeah by all means walk at your own pace but don't suddenly stop in the middle of the street because you feel like it without considering the people behind you. These people are also the people who decide to stand in the middle of the path and look in at a shop window and then block the path for everyone else. If your going to look into the window move closer to it so people can still walk past you instead of nearly falling on top of you because you've decided to suddenly stop because you wanted to look into the window of Waterstones. I  know if I want to stop and look in a window, I'll move closer so that people can still carry on without having to wait for me to finish looking. 

Yesterday I discovered I dislike crowds and ques. It's not so much ques but its masses of people pushing to form a que. If a shops busy and I need something from their, I'll gladly put the things back and walk away happily. I can't be dealing with all the people pushing as well as the over-crowdedness of certain high street shops. I took the train to Brighton yesterday and man, was I squished like a sardine! Everyone pushes and there is no consideration for anyone else and then moan when your squished! You were the one that insisted on jumping onto the train when it was already filled with people!! 

As much as I love Christmas, this is one thing I have found I have grown to dislike with a passion. It just spoils Christmas for me. Next year I'll be starting in August or I'm doing the whole thing online. I can't be dealing with the rudeness of people. Not every person is like this, some people are actually polite and understand if you accidentally get in their way but you always get those ones who are rude which ruins it! 

Now I would like to add that I still like shopping and I still like Christmas but maybe not the two together! 

See you soon ... 

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