I'm not feeling 100% today but happened to be laying in bed, feeling a bit sorry for myself, when I came across something on twitter and became inspired instantly. 

The word ....


Life has endless possibilities to the choice of coffee you order at your local Costa's to the choice of colour of coat you choose to wear. The way you choose to wear your hair or even the type of pasta you choose to buy. From personal experiences I've never been good with choices even as a twenty something adult. I can never seem to decide what restaurant we eat at or even what to eat off the menu. It's usually the first thing my eye chooses that gets the pick. I'm forever looking at colours of an item of clothing and thinking which colour would suit me better? 

 Life itself comes with many choices and this determines what happens in life or what direction you turn. I've had to make many a choice in life, some harder than others and with these I've had to trust my gut. Sometimes life choices are hard and you're standing at a cross road, not knowing which way to go, you have to think about what you really want in life. Only you can know what you want out of life. We all have daily choices and it can be confusing about where we go in life with our futures. The questions you have to ask yourself is whether you can be happy with a choice you're about to make? You are allowed to doubt and being unsure is ok too. We're allowed to think about the possibilities before coming to a decision. It can be tough making the decision about life and I know this extremely well. I've had many a conversation where I've gone around in circles about the 'yes' and the 'no' but instinct always licks in and deep down you know the right decision. You know if the possibility is right or wrong and it's okay to turn them down as much as it's okay to except them. You shouldn't feel pressured into taking a possibility if it doesn't feel right. That's the thing with possibilities, sometimes there is always more than one and sometimes the first one or the one that is being offered isn't always the right one for you.  

 I approached my early twenties a couple of years ago and I knew I didn't want to just have one job. There was that feeling that I had hit a milestone and I wanted to do something with my life. I wanted more of what life had to offer. I  looker online and there happened to be an open evening my local college. At the time, I was interested in art and wanted to work more on my art. Having wondered around I came across the Creative Writing table and that seemed to call me. I was instantly drawn. i remember thinking, I'm terrible at writing, why am I so drawn to writing...  who's going to read what I write. I went home and discussed this and I didn't really get much support. The words I still remember is 'Who's going to read something you wrote... you know nothing about life'
With these words being said, I was determined to give it a go. That was the decision I had come to. if I failed, I could say I tried, I gave it my all. Nothing happens without trying. A week later there was a trial course so you could see what you'd be learning and I went in knowing nothing. It felt right. The possibility felt right. I attended the college course for a bit, I ended up not being able to afford to keep going so I was determined to keep writing and so I decided to not just write on word and to give blogging a go. To this day I still love sitting down with my laptop and just writing. Getting lost in the words. Blogging and writing became more than words on a page. The more I got into it and the more I learnt about the whole blogging world, the more I wanted to help people. I came to the conclusion that if one person read my blog post and felt inspired or I had helped them in some small way, I had done my job. This still rings true today. I still want to help people and inspire them. If one person reads my post and I help them in someway then I've done my job as a Writer and Blogger. 

Out of a choice, that happened to be a possibility turned into something that became a reality. If I hadn't of taken a chance, I doubt I'd be writing now. I came to the conclusion that I didn't have to be one thing. My job didn't have to define who I was a person and I could have more than one 'job' under my belt. I like taking possibilities and risks in life. If I was offered a once in a life time possibility, I'd take it. I know I'd regret it if I didn't. Even as a twenty something adult, I don't even have life figured out, I'm still trying to work it all out. As young people we're always worrying about what we should do with our futures, what possibilities we should take? What happens if we take the wrong choice? There will always be possibilities and choices to make and you're not expected to know what you want to do with your life even if you have plans and ideas about the direction you're heading in. You're allowed to ponder your choices and endless opportunities. All you can do, is do what you've got to do and that's all anyone can ask of you. Ponder those opportunities, take those possibilities, turn down chances . . . 

But if a possibility happens to come your way and you say yes . . . . 

That's when an adventure is about to start! 

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