Am I good enough?

Am I good enough?

Do you ever get those days where you just feel like a failure?  

Or that you'll never succeed in anything? 

Yeah this is what I've felt like for the past two weeks, every time I've sat down at my laptop to write. 

I've felt completely unbloggerish . . . is that even a word? 

Now I don't write for the view or even count the amount of views a post of mine gets. That's not what blogging is about. I've always said that writing was something I wanted to do to help or inspire others. That is how I've always seen writing and that is what my job is as a blogger/writer. I always keep this in mind when I write, but when I've sat down to write I just felt like my posts weren't good enough, I wasn't good enough. 

Am I good enough? 

This question has swam around in my head for the last couple of weeks. The idea that my blog, my writing isn't going nowhere kinda hit me. Was I just writing and nobody was reading? I started comparing to other bloggers I found and regularly read online and the thought of 'I'm not good enough' kept going around in my mind. 'I'll never be a proper blogger like them' . . .  

Will I ever be good enough? 

These thought swam around in my mind for a while, even when I sat down to write, the words that I typed didn't feel good enough, my posts that I wrote didn't feel good enough. I stayed away from the blogging world for a while, trying to figure out my next move. I came to the conclusion that I am good enough. I am good enough to sit and write at my desk and type away for hours, even if nobody reads my posts. I've learnt that each blogger has there own style and even if other people's blogs get read more than mine, that's fine. I can't compare my blog to another blogs because they are completely different, all I can do is focus on mine and continue writing things that I love and care about. I thought about the reasons why I started writing and I still holds true, I do want to continue trying to help people, I want to make sure that one individual that reads my blog and is helped in someway. Blogging has never been about the views for me, even though it is exciting when a posts reaches a certain amount of views, it's about the content and the message a blog post contains. As for comparing myself to other bloggers, every blogger is different.We all have different subjects and passions that we write about. So what if a blogger has more Instagram followers, that might be their choice of platform they use to self promote. As easy as it is to compare yourself, you just have to focus on yourself and your blog. The more you compare, the less you'll focus on you, your blog and social media platforms. It's not about the followers anyway. it's about the posts, tweets and photos that are the most important. I'd love a load of views and for my blog to reach success, that's every bloggers or writers dream is to make it and be successful. But before you get to that part to where you're successful, you have to do the hard work and it's not always easy when you have writers block or the fact you aren't feeling that inspirational. Behind every successful person is a a load of hard work and dedication. As much as I've tried to just sit and write, I've found it extremely hard to just write my feelings down on this blog and make it readable or even bloggable. I guess every blogger or writer has had moments like this and had just had to take a minute and it's okay to have this moment. I've had to relearn that I am good enough to sit at my desk and type away and I shall continue to type away for as long as I can. . . 

Today's thought. . . You are and always will be good enough :) 

Till next time. . . 

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