Twenty Something Adult

Twenty Something Adult

I'm a Twenty something adult and have been so for a few years now. When I was merely
a Twenty One year old, I was told once that you just stay at Twenty One and then just gain years experiences. I never got that, until I hit my mid-twenties and that's when I came to the conclusion, that I too was only Twenty One, I had just four years experience at being Twenty One. And yesterday was no exception, I just gained another years experience at being Twenty One.

It feels like only yesterday, that I was so excited about going up the stairs to get to Tammy Girl, above Etam in our local town. I was forever longing to wear their clothes, I was forever longing to be a grown up. As much as I loved Disney and wanted to be a Disney Princess, I also was a bit obsessed with the Spice Girls. I wanted to be Baby Spice and I tried as much as I could, to wear my hair in her famous pigtails. I had her doll, I even had a little blue and white dress like she did. I remember having my photo taken for my passport and I had insisted on wearing my blue dress and my hair in her pigtails. 

She was awesome.

I had butterfly clips in my hair, armed with my Jelly Backpack and my pencil case filled with smelly gel pens . . . I thought I was ready to take on the world. 

Things always seem easier when your walking around in your Baby Spice dress and your  heeled jelly shoes. 

I'm in the middle with the baby spice pigtails 

Shit, I'm a twenty something adult now. That jelly shoe wearing little girl, is typing away to you in her own little flat. An adult, surly you're another year wiser now. 


I'm still looking and learning. I don't have all the answers to life, even though your younger self is sure you would by now. 

It's easy to compare yourself with other adults your age or even say 'most people my age have. . . '

As a twenty something adult, we're okay. I once had someone tell me 
'shouldn't you be having kids now, you're getting on a bit now' 

I've looked in the 'How to live in your Twenties' manual and there seems to be no age that I should have had children by. 

You do life the way you want to, and I'll do life the way I want too. 

Adults often tell each other how you should live. Advice is okay, you can offer what you think or what you've learnt to others but when you get told that "you should stick to your job as it's  all you know" when you're considering doing something else with your life. 

If I want to go out and become a gymnast I would (even though I'd probably break multiple bones in the process) or if I wanted to all of a sudden became a farmer (highly unlikely!) I will.

And I don't need anyone's opinions to do so. 

It's your life to live. 

You do you. 

An older Twenty something adult of me is completely different to a younger twenty something adult of me.  

A younger Twenty something version of me would have several Vodka and Diet Cokes along with several bottles of blue wkd. Now all I seem to drink is a few glasses of white wine and/or a  few good old G n T! (just discovered Pink Gin and it is lush!)

Life just completely changes. 

I was once excited about a new bride barbie coming out in Woolworths or discovering that there was a really cool gift in the Disney Princess magazine. 

Today I get excited about grocery items being on buy one get one free or discovering the cushions I've liked for ages, are half price. 

As an adult, you have to work for things. And as much as I love a good old fairytale, I haven't got a fairy godmother that will make all my dreams come true, with a click of her fingers. You have to work for it, nothing comes without a bit of hard work. 

Life is life, no matter how you look at it. 

As a twenty something adult, life has competely changed from when I was a Twenty One year old, no matter how many years experience I've gained. 

I still fondly look back at that jelly shoe wearing girl, ready to take on the world, even though she'd probably would have gotten distracted easily. 

I love the way I'd view life that anything is possible. That she could do what ever she wanted. 

Even though that still rings true for the Twenty Something Adult version of her, she still wishes she could find a pair of Jelly shoes. 

Just in case she needs to take on the world, one more time. 

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