Five Places I  Love in New York

Five Places I Love in New York

I've just been to New York!

 I've been sharing a few photos of my trip over on my Instagram which you can find here. I'm also doing a I am grateful challenge over on Instagram, posting something to be grateful for everyday in May. 

I've never been that far away from the UK before, neither have I been on a long haul flight. The idea of going somewhere far away was quite daunting. The flight itself was fine (I finally watched The Greatest Showman and it is fantastic!!) and as I sat there, the thought that I was going to New York had hit me. I was travelling somewhere new! I had been worrying about going for a while, not knowing what to expect, everyone I had spoken to said it was amazing and that I'd love it. Others said that it's the city that never sleeps and I never quite understood what they meant. 

Let's just say as soon as I began to see land, I though shit, I've done it. I'm in the United States. Walking out of the airport and seeing the yellow taxi's made it all a bit real. I felt like I had walked out and into a movie. We took a yellow taxi into main New York. We were told to watch out and as we drew nearer to the Brooklyn Bridge, there it was. The Manhattan Skyline. 

Our hotel was on 29th Street. The whole road and street system in New York really confused me at first but eventually, I got the hang of it. That, and how to cross the road. We arrived at 10am in the morning, New York time, but left England at 8:30am UK time. We had a whole day ahead of us when we arrived, even though it felt like it was 3pm in New York, completely forgetting about the time difference. Everything in New York is big! The buildings, food...The portions of food you are served in a restaurant are massive! We went to an american diner, the kinda one you see in a film. I ordered a cheese burger and chips. My meal was easily double the size of a burger and chips I'd usually eat. I never finished it, I don't even think I managed to eat half of it. The place it's self is amazing. I don't actually know how to write how I fell in love with the place. Everyone who had told me that I was lucky, I'd love it, were completely right. I had no idea how much I would come to love it, let alone not want to leave it. Places I'd heard about or seen on movies, I got to see in real life. Like walking through Central Park where Chuck and Blair were in Gossip Girl, or seeing the fountain in the film Enchanted. Landmarks such as The Empire State or The Statue of Liberty where places I didn't really know about but came to admire the history behind them.  

I thought I'd share the five places I loved visiting the most whilst in New York. 

5. Times Square

I've seen Times Square in many films and knew why it was famous. But it's pretty amazing when you are there and you are surrounded by lots of screens, showing different adverts or Broadway shows. There are just so many screens that you actually don't know which one to look at! 

4.Ground Zero

Going to Ground Zero was heartbreaking and you literally have to fight your tears from pouring down your face. Ground Zero has a museum and a memorial to all of those who were victims of 9/11. As heartbreaking the museum is, we went and had a look around. You just feel so sad and it breaks your heart thinking of the victims and survivors of the attack, when you hear real life accounts and recordings of the day. 

3. Central Park 

When we went to Central Park, I felt like I had stepped into a movie. I've seen this park so many times and on many different movies or shows. So seeing it in real life was amazing and I couldn't help but point out bits I recognised. Central Park has an Alice in Wonderland statue and so this was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go here. As well as that, the park is massive and I don't even think we walked half of it. We also spotted the zoo and visited as well as the cafe in the part for a spot of brunch. 

2. The Statue of Liberty 

I always liked The Statue of Liberty since I was a small girl, I thought she was a princess cause she had a crown but knew nothing about her. It's a lot smaller that I expected, and when you're stood at the bottom of her, she's not that tall. We had tickets to go to the crown and see the view. I actually never made it to the crown as the stairs going up are so narrow and small, that I couldn't even get up them without having a panic attack. However, the view from the pedestal is amazing and you can clearly see the famous New York skyline. I learnt a lot about her and why she is so famous. If you're going and you want to go to the crown, prebook you're tickets cause they probably won't be avaliale on the day. 

1. The Empire State Building. 

Again, I've seen photo's or seen this famous building in films and I was pretty terrified knowing that I was going to the 80th floor of this building. However you don't actually realise you're up that high when you are on the 80th floor. The 86th floor is outside and I was a bit more cautious with this floor. The view however is beautiful and this is why this was my favourite thing to do. From the 102nd floor of the Empire State, you can see the whole of New York but the view is beautiful. Recommend going all the way to the top. I didn't think I was that high up until I got out and looked up at the top of the building. The Empire State Building also looks beautiful at night too, and is always lit up. 

Completely loved going to New York and I've been saying if you get the chance to go, go. It's a beautiful place to see. 

Till next time..

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