Going to the Zoo!

Going to the Zoo!

During August Bank Holiday, we took a trip to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. It was my friend Ayesha's birthday and one thing on her bucket list, was to see Elephants. After a bit of research, I discovered that ZSL Whipsnade Zoo had a new Elephant enclosure. Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's largest Zoo, packed with over 3,500 animals. This was something I didn't know until after our visit. We arrived at opening and left at closing, spending the whole day here. When the rain got heavy or we were cold from the rain, there were plenty of cafes and restaurants to hide in as well as little huts which are dotted around the Zoo. (We took full advantage of these!) 

The weather was a bit rubbish and rained for most of the day but that didn't stop us from looking around the zoo. As it was raining and was cold, some of the animals weren't out of their enclosures and hid away but we did see most of the animals. The Zoo itself is split up into sections such as Asia, Europe and Africa, with animals you'd find in each continent.  I was never fused about animals until I met my fiancee Tiernan, who loves all animals. I swear he's Doctor Dolittle! 

Inside the Zoo, there is a Train which takes you in and around enclosures. We saw many animals and the train itself is only a quick trip around some of the enclosures such as deer, rhinos, elephants and many others. There is a guide who tells you information about the animals, enclosures and the zoo itself.

A quick train selfie, hiding from the rain! 

 We got to see the Elephants up close when on the train and they followed the train for a bit too.
 This was an amazing experience to see Elephants up close and was 100%  a highlight of the trip. We had walked around to the elephant enclosure but couldn't see them that well from the viewing point. It was amazing to be able to see an elephant that close and this was something I've never done this before. 

 Another highlight to the trip was the butterfly house. With many different types of butterflies inside you can watch and get up close with them. You can't touch them but they get close to you. One of the butterflies landed on one of our hands!! 

There are lots of different animals and experiences. Here are a few photo's that I took of some of the animals I spotted. 

The Lions where hiding away from the rain. They were all huddled together and weren't too impressed with the rain and cold weather! 


To see the giraffes up close too, was another amazing experience. There was another shelter across the enclosure with baby giraffes and you could see them as you walked to the watching area. There is two levels to this area, a lower area and a upper where I took these photos.

The bear was another a highlight. We only saw one of the bears and he was busy throwing around a bin! We spent a while watching the bear as my fiancee is bear obsessed! 

Thank you ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for having us! 
We will defiantly be visiting here again when its sunnier and I recommend visiting! 


*Please note this isn't a sponsored post! *

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