Let me reintroduce myself . . . .

Let me reintroduce myself . . . .

Hello readers, 

Do you ever feel like you've changed as a person? 

We all change over time. We grow up, age and turn into different people. Things we once believed in may not be the case now. Interest we once had, we loose and gain new ones. Friendships we once had, we loose, growing a part. It's just part of life. We grow as people. We loose friendships, gain new ones. People just grow apart or go on different journeys. Life just goes so fast. That's one thing I've learnt. I never understood why people said make the most of life as it goes in the blink of an eye. Being in my late twenties, I can see it. I feel as if I've blinked and that nineteen year old girl has become a twenty something woman. I can look back and I think, what have I done with those years? What did I achieve? I've changed. 

As I've gotten older, I know I'm not the same person I was four years ago or even ten years ago. There were many things I didn't know that I thought I did, Things I understood but didn't. Questions I thought I knew the answers too but actually was just plodding along with life. Being that bit older has opened my eyes and I'd like to think wiser...

This was the case when I started blogging. I was in my early twenties. I thought I could blog to help people as well as getting my voice out there. My early blog posts where mainly positive posts, dreams and life. I wanted to encourage people to go and reach their dreams, no matter how big they where. I couldn't understand why people didn't go for dreams they had or goals they had made. I was just so positive! Being in my late twenties, I can understand why this is hard or harder to do, life gets in the way. You're having to work to survive, to pay bills, to eat, to live and sometimes you just can't afford to chase dreams around. It isn't as easy as it seems and even though there is always a way, sometimes there just isn't.. . unless you've won the lottery!! Sometimes dreams or goals get put on hold or forgotten. I learnt that everyone is different and people want different things out of life. Dreams and goals aren't important in some peoples lives, and that's okay. 

My dream was simple . . . get published.  Easier said than done. Many agencies and publishers turned me down. I entered many competitions too. I got turned down every time. It's fine, that's just a part of life. When you get knocked down you get up again . . . or get up in a few days time when you've finished feeling sorry for yourself. It's okay to feel sad about rejection, you can't be that positive person 24/7. The thing is, I thought getting published was easy. It turned out to the complete opposite. 

At some point in my life, I am determined to have a published book out in the universe! 
Because of this and a few other reasons, I fell out of love with writing. And because of this, my blog suffered. I could manage to write a few posts here and there but I either wouldn't publish them or just delete them. I have some of them sitting in my draft box that I just can't bear to open. I always tried to motivate myself into writing more, and the more I did this, Blogging felt like a chore. This was something I never wanted for my blog. And so I withdrew myself from the community and with everything. One day, I'd fall in love with writing and with my blog again. 

And here we are. 

Hello I'm Kayleigh.

 Welcome to my blog...

Let me reintroduce my self. 
I'm a twenty something adult who is slightly obsessed with drinking tea, Disney and love everything 
Grey . . . (No not the book!!) I live with my fiancee Tiernan, who occasionally turns up in a blog post or two! We've just moved into a cosy place of our own and so I'm feeling like a proper adult...How did that happen? 

Whether you've read just this blog post, you've been reading from the beginning or you read every now and then . . . Thank you. 
Till next time ....

X O X O 

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