2019, Here's to ditching New Year Goals!

2019, Here's to ditching New Year Goals!

Here we go, the start of another year. Sad to say goodbye to a year that has flown past us, but excited to start another. A chance to start a fresh. That's what I love about New Years, a whole new chapter, a chance to change things, a chance to learn on lessons learnt the year before. 

I've done many a new years post on things that I'm going to do or things I'm going to change. I have tried setting goals or aims for myself but always end up getting distracted, ending up doing something else, forgetting my goal for the year. Take eating healthy for example, I try my hardest to avoid cake, but there's always a slice sitting and waiting for you, teasing you or even a brownie that's been brought into work that has my name written all over it. I'm hopeless! 

Two Thousand and Eighteen was a brilliant year for me. I battled and overcame anxiety worries and focused on my mental health. I went to New York (this was a huge achievement for me!) Moved into a little place of our own, held a Meerkat . . . It was an amazing year! Even if I didn't stick to those goals I made at the start of the year. 

I for one, shall not be taking on any New Years goals or resolutions and have gone the first few days of January just fine without them.
The whole 'New Year, New Me' thing doesn't really do it for me. The idea of making the year ahead your best year yet, makes no sense. You just end up putting pressure on yourself and I doubt you'll enjoy the year ahead. The idea of starting fresh, making a whole new version of you for a whole new year, doesn't sound like my idea of fun! 

You can easily style your hair differently, buy new clothes, change your job or change from drinking Vodka to Gin... This still doesn't mean you've changed into the new version of yourself! 

We put these little scribbles of notes in our diary's telling us our goals that we have to achieve over the next year. . . loose weight, eat better, go to the gym three times a week, save money. . . .the list goes on of things we've said we're going to do in the new year....it's easier said than done. 

Something I know, is that you can't predict the year ahead, unless you have a time machine which could be quite useful ... There's no point in stressing yourself out or putting pressure on yourself to make sure you achieve these goals... 

Leaving little notes in your diary doesn't mean that you'll do the goals you've planned and making a bullet journal too, won't help you become more organised....Trust me, I've tried! I have an empty notebook and a load of unused stationary! 

For 2019, instead of putting pressure on yourself, why not just continue to be you. 
Beautiful, amazing you. There's only one of you, unique and human. Instead of making sure you stick to those goals, why not just say yes to happiness, not having the pressure of goals to stress yourself out with. 

The only three things I'm focusing on this year is- 1. remembering to put the washing on, 2. remembering to answer my messages (for someone who's on their phone a lot, this is easily done!) and 3. to binge watch as many documentary as I can!  

Just stay being you, and not a newer improved version, cause the old version was original.

Let's let Two Thousand and Nineteen be a year of self love and happiness! 

Hear's to ditching those New Year goals!! 

Happy New Year! 

  X O X O 


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