BOOK REVIEW|| My Family's Survival by Aviva Gat

BOOK REVIEW|| My Family's Survival by Aviva Gat

I've always loved reading and was fortunate enough to be gifted a copy of My Family's Survival by Aviva Gat. 


For the Shwartz family, survival was the only option. Their will to live, and a bit a luck, kept the family safe during the Holocaust, bringing them across Eastern Europe all the way to Israel.

In 1937, the Shwartz family lived a calm life in their small village in Poland. Fifteen-year-old Rachel liked to sing and go out dancing at a local night club, while her older brother David was busy running a farm and raising a family with his wife Hinda. But all that changed when the war reached Butla.

First, the Russians came and kicked them out of their house. Then, the Nazis came to cart them off. But the Shwartz family resisted. David decided that no matter what, his family would not be taken captive. Instead, he snuck his family out of their village, through a large forest, and into Hungary, a place that was supposed to be safe. But that didn’t last long. Again the Shwartz family found themselves on the run, escaping prison, Nazis, and bombings.

My View

I loved this book and found it a easy and quick to read, reading it in one go. I couldn't put it down!  I found the characters relatable and liked that you heard from different characters throughout this book, each one telling their side of the story, especially as they all go through the same and different experiences.  I've always like History and am love hearing about other peoples stories as well as other peoples experiences and family history. Another thing I liked about the book is that the Author had translated some of the Jewish terms in the footnote which I found interesting. Family photos where also included in the book and it was nice to put a face to the different characters in the book. 

This book is about a Jewish Polish family on the run in WWII from the Nazi's. I can't even imagine how they must have felt and the fear they must have gone through. Along their journey they face many hardships. They meet many strangers who take them in, even though they know the risks of hiding Jews. Whilst on the run some of the family become separated from each, with some ending up in prison, others are in hiding or are running for their lives and hiding in the forest. There is so much that happens to this family and it keeps you wanting to know what happens to them throughout the book. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book and found it a good read. I was fortunate to be given a copy of this book by the Author to read and write an honest review. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put the book down. I needed to know what happened to the Shwartz family. This book is inspiring and I recommend this book. Thank you to the author for sharing her family's story. 

This book can be found on Amazon and can be found in Paperback or Ebook form. If you are interested in this book, you can find the link here.

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