Nineties Child!

Nineties Child!

I was listening to one of Busted's new songs called Nineties and it made me reminisce. I couldn't help remember how cool those times were. I was born in the nineties and couldn't help but reminisce. 
Here I am in the nineties, with a pen in my hand! Forever writing and drawing, at an early age!

Does anyone else remember collecting toys from their cereal boxes? I remember when Star Wars, The Phantom Menace came out and there was a huge collection of characters you could collect. I forever tried collecting the Queen but all I kept getting was the friggin alien man!

Not only that but watching Gladiators on the TV and not liking Wolf? (Or was that just me?!) I had my photo taken with cobra and ace when they came into school! 

There's just so many cool things that where around in the nineties that kids today will never understand. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane....

TV shows

Were the TV shows not a lot cooler than the ones for kids now? You had the likes of Tots TV, Playdays, Brum, 50/50, Get Your Own Back, Rugrats, Sooty and Sweep, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Kenan and Kel, ZZZAP, The Queens Nose, Recess, Postman Pat, Scooby Doo (not the modern one) and anything on Cartoon Network.. I'm sure I've forgotten a load but they were great!

Smelly Gel Pens

Where are they now? I remember a pencil case at school was not complete without them. I had bubble-gum, popcorn, chocolate and strawberry gel pens! 

 Bubble bags

Anyone else love the bubble phase back in the Nineties? I had a pink bubble bag and I’d wear it all the time. I would want it to deflate just so I could pump it back up again. Not only that but i'm sure you could get a bubble chair too. 

Glitter Babes from Boots

The ultimate beauty products for young girls! I felt like a grown up when I was given a Glitter babes gift set or I had money to spend. I loved the sparkly bubble bath, body spray and lip stick! Did anyone else like Glitter babes? 


No school disco was without the likes of Barbie Girl, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Wannabe, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Cotton eyed Joe... as well as top Nineties bands such as Oasis, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Weezer, No Doubt, Green Day, Blink 182 and many more.

My favourite band growing up was the Spice Girls. I thought I was Baby Spice and forever wore my hair in her pigtails and had a blue and white dress like hers. I had their dolls, books, articles on them cut out from the paper.


Barbies where always my favourite toy in the Nineties. She was amazing and always had a new version of herself coming out in the shops. She had a work out version, horse riding version, babysitting version... Toys that were around in the Nineties where pretty awesome. Every Christmas you wanted one of the following  . . . Polly pockets, Barbie,  Ferbies, Cindy dolls, Baby born, Doodle bears, Playmobile, Velvet art and colouring, Action Man...Toys where just awesome.  


Anyone else have those weird aliens? I heard that if you put them in the fridge overnight they would produce a baby alien and so on many occasions I did it and no baby turned up. Would love to know if anyone successfully did it?? 

Butterfly clip or Scrunchies

No young girls was without her hair accessories and butterfly clips were in and a big bright coloured scrunchie to hold up your high ponytail in! I’m sure there’s a class photo with these hair accessories in them. . . Those were the days. Scrunchies are now making a comeback! 

Image result for butterfly clips
This is what did to our hair!!!! 

Jelly Shoes

I loved Jelly shoes as a kid. They where defiantly my go to summer shoes. Anyone else love to wear a pair of Jelly shoes in the summer months? 


You really did try to catch them all! I know Pokemon is now back in but it isn't the same as back in the Nineties. Those lunch breaks my year group would spend trying to switch Pokemon cards. I remember my sister and I would go to the shop that sold them so we could spend our pocket money on the latest Pokemon cards! 


The horror book for children. I remember once I read one about a monster in the theme park and the main characters hid in the arcade to hide from them. I was scared and that was the last time I ever picked a Goosebump book up! Anyone else loved a goosebump book? 

Have I missed anything else? What was your favourite things in the nineties?


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