Telling Negativity to Feck Off! | The Anxiety Diaries

Telling Negativity to Feck Off! | The Anxiety Diaries

Life. It's hard enough. Daily struggles, Daily Battles...it goes on. I could list everything that I struggle with daily, weekly, monthly but I won't. I mean, life has those moments where you think, yes I fucking love my life. You feel like you're on top of the world, nothings gonna bring you down.


 There's always something that finds it's way of wriggling it's way in, spoiling your five minutes of happiness. Bugger.

It's a constant battle to not let it win, saying to myself, I must find the positive in this situation. Always easier said then done. Usually after overthinking and worrying about it, I eventually find it.

With the world of social media, there's a whole world of negativity out there waiting to grab your attention. Stupid comments by people behind screens can ruin your day in a matter of seconds, someone's opinion, body shamers- who gave you the right to comment on my appearance? I mean social media also has a lot of positives too.

It's not just social media that is negative, it can also be the people around you. I mean the amount of crap I've listened to in the past...again body shaming, the whole attention/needy scenario- their problems are always ten times worse than yours, the whole I'm better than you thing... nahh, can't be dealing with that rubbish!..

I'm done with negativity. I can be grumpy every now and then, everyone does but I'm a big believer in positive living. By choosing to live positively, you can completely change you life. You can view things and others differently, with the end result being a happy human! Allow yourself to wake up each morning, with a fresh look on life. Having something to be grateful for each day. Making life plans that make life worth living.

Get rid of the negative people around you .  

You don't need the update on how bad their life is, neither do you need their vibes bringing you down. Sometimes there is only so much advice you can give one person, whether or not they chose to follow it. It's the constant neediness that really got me down. I'd forever be there, on the end of the phone or in person, giving advice, being a shoulder to cry on...sometimes people are happy being miserable and needing something to be negative about. I'd always end up feeling negative, just having a conversation to try and make them feel better. You just need to learn how to get rid of those toxic relationships and say no to people who just use you. Surround yourself with positive people. People who want to celebrate you for just being you.

Don't compare yourself to others.

 You. That's who you are. You. It's east to compare yourself to other people especially with the world of social media. It's easy to want what other people have or be jealous of other peoples success. Sometimes people seem like they have their whole lives sorted, great job, they've brought a house, doesn't really look like they struggle with daily life. Wrong. They are human like me and you. They just don't share their daily struggles or post their bad days all over social media or post a facebook every hour letting their friends know how bad their life is. Just remember you're you and that's fine. You just focus on you and not the Instagram model who's posting her tenth holiday to the Caribbean-even though a bit of sunshine would be nice!

Believing in yourself.

It's easy to tell yourself that you can't do it, you're rubbish, no ones going to read your blog...
I've been there, done that, even got the t-shirt! No-ones going to believe in you, unless you do. There's nothing wrong in a little self belief, I mean if you don't believe in you, who else will? Start telling yourself that you can you can do anything you put your mind too. If you keep telling yourself you can't do something, then you'll never do it. You'll never know unless you try! 

Start Taking Charge! 

Start telling yourself, today is the day I'm going to start a more positive outlook on life. You have to make the move in order to get rid of any negativity in life. Whether this is unfollowing people on social media or start by finding something positive in your life, start by making small steps. You're going to have down days every now and then, being positive 24/7 isn't always going to happen or the way you want it to, but hey, that's just life. Don't let the negativity rule your life, make sure you're living your life. Start following positive accounts on social media, there are plenty of positive living accounts out there that deal with body shaming, positive vibes as well as good uplifting quotes to inspire you. 

Do you believe in positive living? What helps you stay positive? 

Till next time, 

X O X O 


  1. I've recently got into the law of attraction and found positivity has really improved my mental health. Guided meditations and muting negative people on social media can really help.

    Alice | Alice in Wonderlust

    1. I would completely agree. Since taking a more positive look on life, my mental heath has also improved. Thank you for reading :)

  2. I have to say letting go of the negative has been the most liberating... although it is quite lonely. I have dropped many friends this past year and it has been bitter sweet. I am really trying to find my tribe and it is becoming harder and harder the older I get. I am not settling though, i would rather be alone and positive than in a room full of negative!