Sussex Based| The Fat Greek Taverna

Sussex Based| The Fat Greek Taverna

Hello everyone 

Welcome to the second blog post of Sussex Based. 

Sussex Based is a series I am doing where I shall be reviewing/writing about places that are local to me or are Sussex Based! Sussex has a lot to offer whether it be Brighton or Worthing pier, Farms, Zoo's or independent restaurants.  If you'd like to get involved with Sussex based, please email kayleighrvr@gmail.com.

In this Sussex Based post, we shall be looking at The Fat Greek Taverna which is based in Worthing town centre. The Fat Greek is a part of Proto Restaurant Group and also have The Fish Factory Restaurants (one in Worthing and the other in Littlehampon) and Food. I have been to all of these restaurants and love their food! You can visit their website here

Please note this isn't a sponsored post. I have not been paid to write this review.

I went for lunch at The Fat Greek Taverna in Worthing. I've been here many times and it's one of my favourite places to go for lunch or dinner. It has such a nice atmosphere and the staff are really friendly and helpful. As well as a lunch menu, The Fat Greek also offer their main menu and you are spoilt for choice. All the food is healthy and good value for money. When looking at the menu, you are spoilt for choice and it's hard to choose what you fancy. I always end up reading the menu at least five times as I can't make up my mind! I love the decor of The Fat Greek and they have big windows which open up in the summer when it's hot.


 Pitta bread with Houmous

. When we came to the Fat Greek on this occasion, I took my friend who had never been here before and upon walking in, she loved the decor and loved the look of the menu. We had Calamari and pitta bread and houmous to start. Both of these dishes are some of my favourite and taste so good. I love calamari as a starter and I don't think I've found somewhere that does it as good as The Fat Greek. We also had ordered some main courses for lunch. We had ordered a chicken burger and a shrimp and bean dish. Both of these were new dishes, something we hadn't tried before. The food was amazing and portion sizes are generous. When food comes out, it is nicely presented and you aren't waiting long for food to come out. Service is amazing and someone is always on hand if you need another drink or something. 

I overall recommend The Fat Greek restaurant if your in or around the Worthing area. It has so much offer and the food is amazing! It's perfect for a light date with the girls or a birthday celebration.

Please note this isn't a sponsored post. I have not been paid to write this review.This review is my own op and views are my own. 

Are you from Sussex? Where should I review next? Know someone/a place that would like to get involved?

If you want to be involved with Sussex Based, please email me kayleighrvr@gmail.com for more information.

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