Self Doubt | The Anxiety Diaries

Self Doubt | The Anxiety Diaries

We all go through self doubt and not feeling good enough in life. I've too, felt this way at some stage in life. There's nothing worse than thinking you don't belong somewhere, you aren't good enough to be apart of something or even that you are in fact utter rubbish!! 

It's easy to think that giving up is the answer, there's no point in carrying on when you aren't good at something. There's just no point in trying to be apart of something because you just aren't good enough, so what is the point in even trying! It's easy to just think that this is the easiest option and when you feel this way, that seems like the only option, continuing can seem to be such an effort. Feeling like this is normal and most of us will feel like this at some stage in our life. 

I've felt this way many times and more so since I've started writing. It's easy to think that you aren't good enough when there are lots of other people out there, in my case, people who write and have a blog. I've hit many a wall thinking that my blog isn't good enough compared to many others out there. I've sat with a blank page on my laptop, stressing about what I've written, have I written the right post, is it good enough to be published? ... It can get frustrating and can leave you so unmotivated and uninspired. And can leave you asking questions like why am I doing this? 

At that moment right there, it's easy to just give up and forget about why we do things in the first place. All of the reasons why you started something gets lost in all of the thoughts and shouts of doubt....and it fecking sucks! 

On days like these, I wish I could hid under the covers, start the day all over again...but you've got to face these days head on and don't spend the day hiding. Having that conversation with yourself, trying to talk yourself out of having those negative thoughts, isn't fun and can be extremely exhausting. 

We need to remind ourselves that we are human. We'll have that down day where we doubt every single thing we do. We just need to remember that instead of stressing out about it, we can just take a step back. We can allow ourselves to have a day off and take some time to care for ourselves. Nothing is impossible, you can achieve anything. 

It's hard to not listen to the voice in your head telling that you aren't good at something or the fact that you'll never be good enough. You aren't a fraud and you deserve to allow yourself to aim for that goal. 

Have a cup of tea, run a bath and remind yourself, it's only a bad day. 

Instead of looking at all of the reasons why you can't or shouldn't, look at all of the reasons why you can and should. 

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