The Wizarding World of Harry Potter| Orlando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter| Orlando

I first discovered Harry Potter when I was Eight. My current class teacher had decided that we would read it through out the year as our class story. I was immediately hooked and wanted to read the other books. I wasn't allowed to own a Harry Potter book, if I wanted to read a Harry Potter book, I had to go to the library and take the book out and read it or spend a Saturday sitting in my local library reading the whole book. I wasn't allowed to have anything Harry Potter due to the fact I was brought up in a strict Christian household. Having anything Harry Potter would be promoting witchcraft and magic and that was considered 'evil' Even if I brought a Harry Potter book home to read, I'd have to change it as soon as I could, Harry Potter was just completely forbidden. Having never being allowed to see the films, as soon as I was able too, I brought the box set and binge watched them all. 

The Harry Potter books got me to read as a child and are the reason why I love reading today. It all started with picking up a Harry Potter book and being able to get lost in a complete world that I loved. So being able to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was an absolute dream! Just walking into Diagon Alley and seeing shops that I've read about or seen in the films was just incredible. Shops such as Ollivanders, The Leaky Cauldron, Flourish and Blotts and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, just as you've seen them in the films or read in the books.

 Going from Diagon Alley, you can catch the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross. The station is just like a typical London station, the little shops sells sweets and snacks like you'd find in a typical shop at a station. Getting to the Hogwarts Express you have to walk through the wall onto Platform 9 and 3/4. The train itself takes you from one park to the other and the journey itself is incredible. Being able to take the train from Kings Cross to Hogsmead Station is unbelievable. 

 .Getting off the train and leaving the station, you enter Hogsmeade Village with places like the Hogs Head and Honeydukes Sweetshop, it was pretty incredible being able to walk down the street and recognise shops. Sitting in the Hogs Head and trying my first butterbeer was an amazing moment. Here I was sitting in a pub I had read about as a child, drinking my first butterbeer in Hogmeade. Such an amazing moment and one I'll never forget in a hurry. 

Turning the corner, you see Hogwarts. Hogwarts, the school every child growing up with Harry Potter wanted to attend, using Pottermore to take your house test. Here it was in front of me and I just couldn't believe that I was standing in front of it. 

I think I made eight year old Kayleigh proud. If I could go and tell her anything, I'd tell her that one day, she'd visit a magical place that she reads about in a book in a library on a Saturday morning. Having been forbidden to read a Harry Potter book or watch a film, one day she'd be standing ready to board the Hogwarts Express or standing outside Hogwarts itself. The whole experience was amazing and one day I'd love to go back. 

Have you been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  What did you think? 

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  1. I would love to visit! I still haven't made it to any of the Harry Potter theme parks or studios I am so missing out!

  2. This sounds absoloutely magical!! It was so interesting reading about your reasons for not being allowed anything Harry Potter related! I am also a huge Harry Potter fan.

    Jess || www.secretdiaryofjess.com x