August Round Up

August Round Up


I've never done a monthly blog where I tell you all about what happened in the month. Usually my life isn't that exciting enough to write about... I work, eat, sleep then repeat the next day. However, August was a very busy month for me.

This is what I got up to in August......

At the beginning of August. I went on holiday to ....


We stayed in a beautiful villa in the peace and quiet. It was nice having time to relax and try and get a tan. I loved lounging by the pool and not doing anything apart sipping on a cocktail and soaking up the sunshine. I spent most mornings on the edge of the pool, it was pure bliss!

Whilst in Orlando we went to Disney World where every second was amazing! I just want a time machine so I can do it all over again! The Magic Kingdom was my favourite park but we visited them all. We spent most of our days at Disney, exploring different parks. As they had a bus service where you could hop from park to park, we found that we could spend a morning at one park and then head over to another for the afternoon. We did this a few times and used all of our fast passes! Some of my favourite rides where Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and It's a Small World (I know its repetitive but it's what Disney is all about.) Seeing Cinderellas castle for the first time, made me cry and the firework display at the end of a very busy day is always one to wait for. Its just such a magical amazing place and I feel so heartbroken that I had to leave. I'm going to save up to go again! 

 Donald blew me a kiss!


We also visited Universal Studios which too was amazing. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter took my breath away...you can read all about that here. The park was amazing and I defiantly spent most of my time at Universal Studios in the Harry Potter World. The rides too are amazing, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was my favourite ride at Universal Studios and I went on this ride the most whilst there. This is the ride that changed rides for me, I just can't express how amazing this ride is. Both parks at Universal are amazing, we did some of the rides and spent lots of time exploring the parks.  Volcano Bay is somewhere I recommend too. We loved this water park and enjoyed ging on the fearless river the most as well as the water coaster and water slides! 

As well as visit the theme parks, we also went to Wild Florida where we took an air boat tour of the swamp and went on the hunt for some alligators. We were lucky as we took the first boat out and saw four alligators. During the hot weather of August, the gators aren't a fan of the heat and so tend to hide in the water where it is cooler. After the air boat tour, we took a visit to the park. At the Wild Florida park, they had lots of Alligators that they took care of and gators you can see up close. You can even hold a baby gator if you're brave! As well as all of this, one of the keepers gets into one of the enclosures and feeds them. 
The view of the swamp! 


Coming back to the UK made me so sad. I didn't want to leave and I was really upset getting on the plane and leaving all of this behind. It was such an amazing and magical place. I was so jetlagged coming back, that I didn't really do much for the next week in August. I worked and slept, trying to get myself use to being back in UK time. I was pretty much a zombie!!

The last week in August was a busy one .My brother was in our local carnival which we went to watch and felt extremely proud of him walking with the parade. I had a shopping trip to Brighton with the girls which celebrated a friends 21st again birthday!! A surprise Happy Birthday sung by the entire restaurant is always required!

The Body Shop in Chichester, West Sussex also held a bloggers event, promoting their products and encouraging local bloggers to get together. It was lovely being able to have the time to look at all of their different products as well as explore their make up range. Having used some of their products, I have my favourite scents. A few goodies were brought as well as some being gifted. These have been put to good use!!

A Wedding was the last event of august. My lovely friend got married and her wedding was beautiful. She made me cry on several occasions and it was amazing to be able to spend time with them on their special day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Rowland.

And that was my august. It was pretty busy but I completely loved it. I experienced so much and loved every second. I overcame a fear of rides and told myself I had to experience everything Orlando had to offer me!

I'm not sure my September is going to be as interesting as this...

What did you get up to in August?

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  1. Sounds very busy!! I really want to go to Orlando, looks like you had an amazing time

  2. Sounds like you have had an extremely busy but fab August! Your photos from Orlando look amazing, I would love to visit!