BOOK REVIEW|| MY Heart from Inside by Aviva Ga

BOOK REVIEW|| MY Heart from Inside by Aviva Ga

Please note I received a free copy of this book to read and review. 


What would you do if you found out the baby you carried inside you for nine months was not yours?

Cameron and Andy have the perfect marriage, apartment, and jobs in New York City. The only thing missing is a baby. Unable to get pregnant, Cameron turns to in vitro fertilization in hopes of becoming mother. When the positive pregnancy test comes back, she thinks she can finally have it all. That is, until she gives birth and realizes her baby’s blood type is not compatible with her own.

There is just one explanation: a mistake at the IVF clinic. An investigation reveals that the baby is genetically related to Avery and Graham, another couple who went through IVF at the same clinic. They also recently had a baby—who happens to be Cameron and Andy’s genetic child.

When the mix up is discovered, a heated battle ensues: should the couples switch babies so they can raise their genetic child, or should each keep the baby the mother nurtured inside her for nine months?

The ethical and legal dilemma plays out in the character’s personal lives and the courtroom where multiple questions are raised: Does nature or nurture make someone a mother? What is better for the babies?

My View

This is the authors second book, having read the first book, I jumped at the chance of reading her second novel. 

This book is so beautifully written. I was completely hooked right from the start. I loved the story and really felt for both women. My heart was completely torn for Cameron and for Avery, what a difficult situation to be in. It really pulled on my heart strings in certain parts of the story. You could really feel the characters pain and sadness in their situation. I felt for both mothers, Cameron for wanting the baby that was genetically hers but Avery for not wanting to give up the baby she had just given birth to. What would you do in that situation? I just felt for both women and couldn't even imagine what it would be like to go through a situation like this. 

Such an emotional read but an amazing book. The ending made me cry and couldn't believe what happens at the end, if the difficulty and pain of conceiving a child, finding out that genetically the baby you've carried isn't yours, what else could happen to one mother? I won't write any spoilers but I highly recommend, I just didn't want to finish the book and read the extra chapter off the authors website. I can't wait to see what Aviva writes next! 

This book can be brought on Amazon - I really recommend you do. Especially if you love a book you don't want to put down! This book can be found in ebook form or paperback here 

*Please note I was gifted this book to read and write a review*

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