BOOK REVIEW| The Evergreen Life Experiment by Aviva Gat

BOOK REVIEW| The Evergreen Life Experiment by Aviva Gat

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Aviva Gat's latest book, The Evergreen Life Experiment. I've enjoyed both of the books Aviva has written so far and jumped at the chance of reading and reviewing her latest novel. As most of us are now in self-isolation due to the corona virus, this book is perfect for the coming days stuck inside, keeping safe. 


Is it possible to stop yourself from ageing?

Growing old is inevitable. That’s what the residents of Orchid Lake Village, an assisted living facility, believe until Evergreen Life offers a unique proposition. The pharmaceutical company has a new all natural, organic supplement that promises to reverse the signs of ageing.

Eloise isn’t as lithe as she used to be. Gladys can’t remember the plot of her favourite TV show. Murray feels like the light inside of him has been blown out. After just a few weeks on the vitamin, they start to feel the effects. Laurel’s once-translucent hair has a caramel tint to it. A suddenly inspired Harold pens a new book. Eloise exercises like an athlete.

Could this be too good to be true? 

Their question is amplified when tragedy hits Orchid Lake, leaving everybody reeling.

The Evergreen Life Experiment explores the meaning of youth and whether age is just a mindset. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Jodi Picoult.

My View

I really enjoyed this book! 

The plot involves a group of live in residents that live in a community for the elderly. You meet many of the characters that live there and when they are given the chance to try a new drug, many jump at the chance where as others are sceptical. This vitamin is suppose to reduce the signs of ageing. The story goes on to explore the effects on the residents that have taken it. It was nice to read a novel with characters over the age of seventy five and and having a plot focused on the older generation. 

I really liked the idea for the plot, imagine if there was a vitamin out there that could stop the process of ageing! 

I really liked the way each character was different and we could see that the vitamin effected them in different ways. This story doesn't have one protagonist, but focuses on the residents living at Orchard Lake Village. I really liked the characters, as I was reading, I could imagine my friends and I having that kind of relationship in our later years, living together in a retirement village. Sometimes I did get a bit confused on which character was which but I did have my favourite characters whom I grew to love as the plot unfolded! 

This book is available to buy on April 16th and can be found on Amazon.

*Please note I was gifted this book to read and write a review*

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