Hey all you cool cats and kittens ....

Can you tell what I've been watching during self isolation? 

It's been a long time that I've sat down and actually written a blog post. I haven't actually sat down to write for some time. It's about time I changed all of that.

I came to a decision at the end of February and have decided to stop writing about the usual 'blogger things.

As much as I enjoy writing this content, I just don't feel like this is the direction for my blog anymore.

 I want to focus on things I've learnt in life as well focusing on mental health, experiences and struggles with life as an adult.

As a twenty something adult, I've learnt so much over the years and want to share these with my readers rather than things I love about summer or the ten things I love about autumn!

As much as we all love the seasons, there's only so many themed topics you can cover, especially when you've been writing for some time now.

My plan was to use my time in self isolation to write an abundance of content and share this with you. Instead I've baked cakes and relaxed whilst watching Tiger King on Netflix.

Anyone else seen this? It's Insane!

It's been my birthday since we've been in lockdown. I'm happy to not count this year, meaning I'll stay a year younger, I'm game if you are?

I'm an adult. A friggin twenty something - more like late twenties - adult.


I still feel like a teenager, still trying to get over the fact that Busted spilt up when I was twelve.

High School Musical was the coolest thing in the world. - It still is by the way, we are all in this together - my friends and I have not learnt the dance moves to it . . . .

I blinked and all of a sudden, here I am. Adulting.

One second it's sleepovers with your friends, scary movies and pizza, let's stay up as long as possible.

. The next it's opening your fridge to find, there isn't any wine left, cause you drunk it all the night before.

 Constantly looking at your clock, is it only five past eight. Am I allowed to go to bed this early?

Also the pressure from society to do things at a certain time, it bothers me.

- You haven't had children yet?! You'd better hurry up you know. - 

- you do know you're nearly.....THIRTY!  -

Fine, okay both those points are true but I'll think about it over a glass of wine. I'll message you my response...

I'll be alone, with my tigers at the age of seventy five whilst everyone else is with their grandchildren...I'm no Carol Baskin, okay?

Being an adult doesn't mean we have our shit together. You just don't.

Life doesn't always pan out to be the way we want it too.

With our pinterest boards full of life ideas and life goals, real life doesn't care about the amazing future you have planned.

It sucks but that's life.

It would be amazing if we could all get what we wanted all of the time ...

I mean while we are at it, I'd love to go back to New York, to live at Disney, wishing I hadn't wasted my time on people that didn't deserve it.... too much?

That's just life. They'll always be something we wished we hadn't done and as adults, there's always something.

I mean I could write a whole post on what I wish I could rewind and tell myself not to do.

But I can't. Just got to live and learn from all those mistakes.

 Let's just deal with the situation, deal with the consequences and learn from the lessons it gives us.

When life gives us lemons, let's make lemonade.

Damn, I really am an adult.

Anyone else?

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