It came up on my time hop that I travelled to New York two years ago and came to the realisation, I never posed anything about my amazing trip. New York blew my mind. America blew my mind.

After months of anxiety and sleepless nights, I never thought I'd ever have the confidence to get on that plane and travel to one of the most amazing places I've ever been too. I had worried about it for months, travelling somewhere that was so far away from everything I knew as well as all the other what if's anxiety throws at you. I made up my mind, I was doing it and that scared me. Never the less, on the 7th April, I boarded that flight to New York and prayed it would all be okay. Anxiety didn't hold me back. I can't express the feeling of going through the airport and getting into New York and that feeling of 'I did it, I beat my anxiety' . . . That whole trip was amazing. I can't express how much I fell in love with New York! There are too many photos to even begin to write a post on what we did and where we went. Instead I've created a photo diary of all of the beautiful shots I've taken of my journey around New York. I literally felt like I'd walked onto the set of Enchanted or Gossip Girl. After four days of constant exploring, visiting places i'd seen in films, I didn't want to go back to reality.


I had the best time in New York and I can't believe it was two years ago since I landed there and had the most amazing trip. I want to go back one day and visit all the places we never managed to go to. I'd love to hear all about your travels to New York  

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