Guys, I'm an Oversharer

Guys, I'm an Oversharer

I've been living in the dark ages and finally got Spotify! I know, I can hear you all saying, what?! 

Yeah, it's true. I never saw the point, I didn't listen to music enough. Now due to being inside, sitting at my laptop on a rainy Thursday, I'm loving putting my headphones in and listened to Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears is the literal highlight of my Spotify playlist. 

Anyway - - - -  I've come to the conclusion that I'm an Oversharer. 

Prime example. I doubt any of you were even interested that I had just gotten Spotify, let alone want to know who I'm listening too. 

So Oversharing - - - 

When you are with the girls, when your with the people you feel most comfortable with, we overshare. I mean, I'll happily embarrass myself, reliving those moments that you wish you hadn't just told everyone. That word vomit, I wish I could rewind time, and tell myself to keep my mouth shut! Anyone else blurt out something, you just wish you hadn't? Why won't the ground just swallow me up right now. 

We all do it, after a few glasses of wine, share all the private details of our lives - - - the embarrassing thing happened at the weekend or the details of our sex lives.  

Even though we all overshare at some point, there are many negative factors to being an oversharer. If you go out to make someone's life a misery by gossiping and oversharing private details of their life, then you're a douche! 

Oversharing can be a good thing, if you are oversharing about yourself. There is a fine line, between oversharing about yourself, to oversharing to seek sympathy. If you want to always be the victim and continuously want people to feel sorry for you, then you really are a negative oversharer. Sometimes we have to share bits of our private life with others like work colleagues - to oversharing to want people to feel sorry for you because you are dealing with something.... we all deal with things, you don't always have to make them so public.

 - Soz - 

For me, Oversharing is talking to people I know and feel comfortable telling things too. Like giving an explanation, a simple answer is needed. I'll happily go back to the start of a story and explain the whole situation, not the two second example you are after. 

Yes, I'll tell you all about Aunt Sally in Tesco and her shouting at every passing person - - - TWO METERS - - - not that you wanted to know, you just wanted to know if I picked up milk and the answer is no, I didn't. Aunt Sally was blocking the Milk and I was to scared to pass her, knowing that I'd get the shrill of her voice in my ear.   - - - TWO METERS LOVE - - -

I used to be a social media oversharer too. Telling the world about my current mood, the fact that I burnt at least all the cupcakes I had just tried to bake as well as letting the world know if someone had annoyed me. We all did that, didn't we? Thinking the world wanted to know what we were doing, where we were and what we were thinking. The early days of Facebook, my profile looked a bit like this - - - 

 9:02am - First Cup of tea of the day
10:05am: Heading to the shops

11:30am: Hate people 

I mean, we are all guilty of this. I reflect and cringe at the fact that this was 'cool' about eight years ago! I rarely use Facebook now but every time I take a look, there's always that one person who uploads at least ten times a day documenting their day and their mood. - - Alright, Aunt Sally has just posted, shes unhappy in Tesco with  @Uncle Fred. *facepalms face* 

I can be quite a happy drunk! After a couple of glasses of wine, I'll happily tell my new found friend - that I've made up at the bar because we've ordered the same drink -  we tell each other the stories of our lives and by the end of the night, we've become Instagram pals, arms around each other, munching on a subway on the bench in the town centre, feeding the seagulls the lettuce that has fallen on the floor. 

I'll happily accept that I'll overshare things that I probably regret a few hours later. I'll happily tell you all about my trip to Volcano Bay and tell you the story about failing to get into a rubber ring and instead of getting into the ring, I went right through. Or the time that a shopping trip with the girls to Brighton, we ended up with broken Primark bags because of the rain and left my new pants on the wet ground, in view of the entire street. 

I'm happy to overshare if you are? 

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