The Only Entry in The Lockdown Diaries

The Only Entry in The Lockdown Diaries

Hello and welcome to the only extract from The Lockdown Diaries. 

At the beginning of lockdown I planned on writing what I was doing during the week, thoughts and a way to look back on this moment in time. However, I failed to do so.  I've felt so uninspired and lost all motivation. Any motivation I did have found me writing a few paragraphs and then adding it to my draft box. I hope you and your family are okay and having been doing alright during this time. It's hard when we've been on lockdown for weeks and even though its been necessary, it's also tough to be kept inside for days on end. Nothing about this period of time has been normal and it's been hard to adjust to it. We're in a pandemic, this is anything but normal! 

I want to say before I talk about the exciting things I've been doing, I've spent a lot of time sitting around and lounging. I've watched endless episodes of Tipping Point to the point where I'm humming along to the theme tune and drunk endless cups of tea. My sleep pattern went out the window too. Falling asleep at 3am and not waking up till the afternoon, left me exhausted. Keeping a sleep pattern has really helped keep motivated and keeping busy and I'm trying to keep my sleep pattern as normal as I can ... apart from waking up at 6am, I've let that slide a little...

I literally could sit here and write everything I've done in the past three months. But all I can tell you is that it's been so important to stay at home. I've lived in leggings,big t-shirts and comfy clothing, I've hardly worn make up, I've let my hair go greasy and not used heat on it once since lockdown began. It's been nice to let my skin breathe as well as let my hair do it's own thing naturally. At the moment, its got such a nice wave to it so I've used lots of sulphate/silicone free products to help bring out the natural wave in my hair which has really helped to condition it and keep it healthy. 

I've taken this as my opportunity to do up our place and get all the things we've needed for the past two years but just haven't brought them. I've been in deep clean mode and have cleared out all the crap we've been storing and all the clothes I haven't worn in the past year. It's been the perfect time to have a clear out and just sort shit out. It's always nice clearing out the crap, until you start collecting more!

We've been doing The Virtual Pub Quiz, every Thursday and it became our Thursday tradition. Clap for the NHS at 8pm, then we start the quiz. Tiernan has come first most weeks which he is proper chuffed about! I've been master at the Music round! 

We got really excited about Launch America with Spacex and NASA launching a new rocket into space. Amazing to watch and also amazing to see up in the sky. Extremely small but visible where we live. The International Space Station could be seen too. We watched the whole coverage from getting into the rocket to docking with the Space Station. 

Shopping has become a whole new experience. Getting out the house and going shopping has become something I love. My weekly trip to the supermarket has become one of my favourite thing to do during lockdown. I'm happy to line up outside, use the one way system and keep my distance. It's funny though, when you are food shopping, people seem to forget that we need to keep our distance and want to get close just so they can get items off the shelf. Anyone else experienced this?  

 I also have been busy baking and have produced several Apple Strudels, Banana loafs and a Victoria Sponge. I've finally found the perfect butter icing. I've been keen on learning and improving my baking skill. 

I've loved sitting in the sunshine and reading. In one of my previous posts, I listed five books I had read during isolation. I have managed to triple that and I've found reading to be really calming. I have a few new books to read so maybe I'll add a part two! 

I've been really into taking photos and developing my photography. Over on my Instagram I've taken a  minimalist approach to photography just focusing on home, books, plants and decor. It's taken a while to build up and start a theme but I'm really proud of my photography! 

Hope you are all staying safe during this period of time. What have you all been up to during lockdown? 

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