Five Hair Regrets!

Five Hair Regrets!

I wasn't always a blonde. I'm a natural dark blonde, before I started dying my hair. Looking back at photos of my hair before I changed it, I really regret messing around with it. We've all done it though, made our hair a selection of colours, changing it continuously because we are bored or we want to know what life is like with a different colour on our hair.

 Anyway, I thought a fun kind of post might be to share with you a few of my hair regrets. 


I went orange. Not Ginger, Orange. I had dark brown hair and thought I'd put a lightener on it to go from brunette to blonde. However my roots had grown in a bit so I had my darker blonde poking through my brown locks. Putting the lightener on it was a massive mistake because not only did my roots lighten to a light blonde, my hair that was brown, went bright orange. My hair was so damaged after using this lightener, that I ended up leaving my hair for a week or two to sit and then dyed it dark again. I have no photos of this as I refused to take any photos of my hair! 


After my going blonde fail, I covered it with a purple/plum colour. It did the job and I was glad I didn't have to walk around with the horrible orange ends and the bright blonde roots. The purple was so dark that it looked so bad. I also went a chestnut colour as well as a redish brown!  This was the last dark colour I coloured my hair and left it to fade and grow out. I went to a hairdresser a few years later and we went blonde professionally. I'm still with the same hairdresser now and won't go anywhere else as shes such a good hairdresser. 


Last year I decided I wanted to try out fringe life. I was playing around with the idea for a little while but took the plunge in February last year. However I kept the fringe for  five months before I started growing it out. It's taken ages to grow out but finally has reached the bottom of my face so I can't wait to get it cut into my hair in a few weeks. 


I wanted brown hair as a teenager and as soon as I hit eighteen, I decided that it was time to try life as a brunette. I brought a box dye from Superdrug and asked my sister to help me. At the time, I loved being a brunette but it really didn't suit me at all! 


I cut all my hair off five years ago and I loved having that short bob. My hair was so long and golden and one day I decided to just chop it all off. I still love the short bob and don't regret cutting all my hair off, but growing it out took ages! I hated growing it out and feels like it took forever! 

And that is my hair journey. I've learnt that actually I'm happy being a blonde and without a fringe! Sorry for some of the quality of the photos, they were taken ten years ago! 

Are there any hair related things you regret? 

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