THE ANXIETY DIARIES | Five Ways I Cope with My Anxiety

THE ANXIETY DIARIES | Five Ways I Cope with My Anxiety

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Let's talk Anxiety. 

I know first hand what it's like to live with a head full of worries as well as sleepless nights, dealing with heavy breathing and panic attacks. Life with anxiety can be hard. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier the older you get but it doesn't. The only thing you can do, is help to manage it. It's difficult when you are in that moment to get out of that panic attack, try and calm yourself down or wish you could turn your mind off. It's overwhelming and exhausting trying to deal and manage anxiety. Being an adult comes with it's own problems, worries and struggles. But with anxiety, this just becomes a hundred times worse! 

As a late twenty something adult, I've dealt with my fair share of problems, worries and triggers that can cause my anxiety. It's frustrating when I haven't done something I know will help my anxiety or I've forgotten something which sets me off. Managing anxiety is really hard. It's okay to feel like you haven't had a good day or you feel like you've taken several steps backwards after several good days. Finding ways to make living with anxiety more manageable can really help. I wanted to share a five things I focus on when I'm dealing with anxiety. 


I literally can't tell you how much breathing helps. When I mean breathing, I mean closing your eyes and clearing your mind. Just listening and focusing on your breathing. Counting your breaths to ten. - Breath in . . . and then out . . . - Just emptying your mind and focuses on this can really help you feel calmer. This really helps me if I'm stressing about something, something has me anxious or I'm freaking out. By focusing on your breathing, it can really help to clear your mind. 

- MUSIC - 

I have a playlist of music that really helps me calm down. I find music can really help with your mood and has such a way of effecting your mood. If I'm worrying about something and I can't sleep at night, I have a playlist that sends me off to sleep. I have a playlist full of upbeat songs for walking to have something to focus on or songs to calm down too if I need to unwind. I find music can be really soothing and really help my mind. 

- CRY - 

Crying is literally the best thing you can do. I find having a good old cry on my own can literally help. By keeping all of our emotions in, we are leaving all of the different things effect us inside, continuously building up. By having a good old cry, it helps releases all of that and is very beneficial. 

- SLEEP - 

Anxiety can be very tiring. Life can be very tiring. Mix the two together - extremely tiring. After a difficult day, it's okay to allow yourself to an early night. I find after a self-care bubble bath, an early night. Especially if I've had a difficult day with anxiety. A nap is also beneficial if you are struggling at some point during the day.

- TALK -

I hate talking about my problems. I hate unloading my anxiety, worries and problems onto others. But honestly it really helps finding someone to talk to. I have triggers or signs that I'm anxious and my fiancee knows if I'm worrying about something before I've even spoken about it. Having someone to share your anxiety with really helps when it comes to dealing with it. It can really help to get things off your chest. Sometimes the things that cause anxiety are actually really small and can be dealt with and are unlike the ones that your mind has made endless and extreme! 

These are just simple things we do all the time. I find these to be really helpful and can really help if I'm struggling with anxiety. I hope these five things help you, if you are struggling and are looking for things to do in order to help your anxiety. 

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