Ten Things That Make Me Happy - Coming Out Of Lockdown Edition -

Ten Things That Make Me Happy - Coming Out Of Lockdown Edition -

A little while back or more so last year, I wrote a post on ten things that made me happy. 

As we are all slowly coming out of lockdown, I thought I'd share with you ten things that I can't wait for/make me happy when we are back to normality!  

1. Normality of course! I can't wait to have a routine and even though, I've enjoyed having time to catch up on things, I still miss having a routine. 

2. Getting my hair done! - It sounds silly but I loved having my hair done. I had a trim and new colours put in. It just feels so much healthier than it did before! 

Photo taken by Part One. 

3. Eyebrows! - I currently have two fluffy caterpillars for eyebrows sitting just above my eyes. I can't wait to have them shaped and tinted and looking more like eyebrows! I don't do them myself as I struggle with my eyesight and I know, they'll end up wonky! 

4. Wedding Planning! - I'm so excited to get back to planning our 2021 wedding! 

5. Being back at work. Yes those early mornings are with me once again and I love it. I love being busy, I love having a routine and I love being back in some kind of normality. 

6. Seeing the family. I can't wait until I can see the gang again. It feels like forever since I last saw them. Can't wait to catch up with them and see them in person and be able to give them a hug!  

7. Autumn is on its way. I know it isn't really something that is to do with lockdown, but I'm loving that the darker evenings are coming. I love being cosy! 

8. Hugging. I can't wait to be able to give someone a hug. A loved one, a friend, I can't wait to give them a cuddle after not being able to for such a long time. 

9. Going to the pub and out for dinner! I love going to the pub, I love the atmosphere and actually missed going to the pub to hang out with friends. The same goes for going out for dinner. I love getting all done up to go out for dinner. With endless days in comfy clothing and no make up, it's been nice to actually wear clothes and make myself look nice to go out for dinner. 

10. Travelling. Even though we are saving for a wedding and won't be going away anytime soon. Just the idea of being able to travel anywhere is making me happy. 

Those are the ten things I can't wait for or have made me happy coming out of lockdown! 
What things are you looking forward too or have made you happy? 


  1. I absolutely love this post! I think quarantine has been a good break for everyone, including myself, to value all the small things we had so easily before. Also, hugs! Yes that is one thing I miss and also going out with a normal level of anxiety. I always go on on super high alert and my anxiety is through the roof. Stay Safe! ��

    Grislean | gemlesschosen.com

  2. These are all great, normal things to look forward too! I especially loved getting my hair done to, it was so refreshing! And hugging is DEFINITELY a big one!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. YES!! I am naturally an introvert and disabled, so I lead a "social distanced" life all the time; but, I miss what interactions I did have. I can't wait to see all of my kids and grandkids. I miss them.