Adulting | Unexpecting Things No one Warned us About

Adulting | Unexpecting Things No one Warned us About

You're an adult too, huh?? 

Since when did we reach that stage in life that we realised we were adults? 

I'm still feeling like I'm twenty one, getting my ID out when I buy Gin and wonder why I don't get asked for ID when they don't ask. 

There is so much I didn't understand about being an adult or unexpected things no one warned us about about being an adult. 

For example, when you hear grown ups as a child go "I sound my parents" you never expect to sound exactly like them and use the same phrases you hear grown ups say as a child. I particularly remember my grandparents saying to me "I'm glad I'm not young anymore" - - - yes I also say that. I mean, when I was a teenager, we came into the world of social media. Instagram wasn't a thing. The pressures of taking the perfect selfie wasn't a thing. I took mirror selfies and hoped that there wasn't a smear on the glass, or it would end up all blurry. There is just different pressures on younger people now than there was when I was a teenager, plus we had better music, insane fashion and msn. Anyone else use to chat to Smarterchild when no one else was online? No me neither. 

When your teachers at school use to tell you that you'll look back and wish you tried harder... how true their words were. After a glass of wine, the conversation of school comes up and you wish you had listened to the wise words of Mr Skea. Yes he forever told us to do our hardest or we'd regret it later in life. Do I regret it now, yes, I was then and still am rubbish at Science! 

Another thing, that one time you don't carry ID is the one time you'll need it. Forever not getting asked for ID in Tesco to buy a bottle of wine, is the day there is a new cashier and he says, "ID please" It's always, always the way! Say goodbye to the wine. 
 Phone calls are the worst thing to make . I hate having to phone people, companies, especially if you are phoning up to complain. No one tells you about phoning to complain, let alone the crappy customer service you can get. It's not only that, calling to make an appointment at the Doctors or calling to see if you can enquire about a service. The unexpected anoynomous incoming call, it's either a prank caller, a sales call or someone trying to scam you. I never thought I'd hate answering the phone, give me an email any day! 

Things happen in threes. The Shower stops giving you hot water, the hoover breaks then you drop your phone, smashing the screen. Brilliant. And it always happens in between paydays so you have to wait a while before you can do anything. Your left with a broken shower, a broken hoover and a phone you can't use. Adult life is just brilliant sometimes. 

Every adult knows what they are doing. Yeah, sure. I for one have no idea what I'm doing. Just winging it really. We all have some kind of idea when we are younger, I want to do this, I want to do that. Those life goals when we have when we are younger, seem to change when we are older. Those 'I can do anything' goals turn into reality and it turns out, your goals and wants change. Maybe you don't want to be a doctor after all, maybe you are suppose to be a teacher.  

Post! Unless it looks like a card for your birthday or Christmas, its bound to be a bill or something that needs paying. I loved getting post at first, but now I hope that companies are just sending me a voucher for money off! 

Your likes change. I mean one second you are loving pop music, keeping up with the top ten and the next you are loving life, listening to the 80's classics. Got to love a bit of Wham. Music isn't the only thing that changes, I use to love a Rom-Com but now I can't think of anything worse. I love a documentary, crime or anything to do with real life. I find peoples stories inspiring. You'd never have caught me singing along to the 80's hits as a teenager, I refused to sing along to 'old' music, now I absolutely love an 80's tune! 

Adulting huh, 

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