Sup, 2021

Sup, 2021

 Well ... WHAT A YEAR!
What an absolutely horrid year! We were all so excited about 2020. This was going to be our year, the excitement that it was a start of a whole new decade. Saying goodbye to the last ten years as we excitedly looked forward to the decade ahead of us. What would 2020 have install for us... 

Good fortune? 

Travel Experiences?

 New Job Opportunities?? 

How about  have a bit of Covid 19!! 

Usually at the start of the year we'd all be working on what our new year goals are going to be. 

Being healthier? 

To start exercising more? 

 The excitement of a new year, that blank chapter, the year is a whole opportunity for chances and to 'improve' 

As the pandemic had us in lockdown for most of the year, we spent days at home. Perfecting my banana loaf, catching up on a whole lot of reading as well as quizzing every Thursday evening. Only being allowed out for one hours exercise, keeping your distance as you walk down the street, wearing masks and praying you could get loo roll from your local Tesco express (I was nearly in tears as I brought the last pack on the shelf, having one loo roll left at home) we adapted to our new normal, a new way of life. 

I know I'm lucky and I'm grateful to have a roof over my head, to be able to spend the lockdown period with my fiancée as well as contact my loved ones over facetime or social media. Even a period where I could socially distance see them at the end of their drives, doorway or sit in a garden with them. Being limited in our activities, our can and can't do's has left me feeling incredibly grateful for things we probably have taken for granted. Such as technology - to have these devices at our finger tips. To be able to contact our loved ones, to be able to reach out when needed, is something I had taken for granted. Or going out for dinner with your family, being able to rock up to a restaurant and sit at the bar whilst you wait for your table.. without having to book. A Hug, being able to give your friend a cuddle when they burst through the door... this has been the hardest, not being able to give your loved ones a cuddle. 

As the clocks hit midnight and we entered this new year, we all hoped for a light at the end of the tunnel. This was it, we had left 2020 behind us now, the worst was surely over. The UK was plummeted into lockdown 3.0 and that hope for a normal pre-covid world. Even as we now have two vaccines being rolled out, the sign of normality seems so far away.  

I had high hopes for Twenty Twenty One and I'm still hanging onto them .... There's still hope that we could have some kind of normal. This year I turn thirty and is the year I get married. I had always planned a big party for my thirtieth with my loved ones and lots and lots of Gin. But with the events of the last year, all I want is just to see my loved ones and the possibility of being able to give them a hug at some point. I don't want a party, no big celebration. Just the chance to be able to see them and spend time with them without standing at the end of their drive or wearing a mask, keeping my distance. 

Here's to a brand new year, hoping it is better than the last. Stay Safe! 

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