- - The Thirty Edit

- - The Thirty Edit

New Era, New Name, New Age . . .

Welcome.. to The Thirty Edit! 

 Yes, I know it's been a while... 

and if you didn't know ...... I turned thirty!! Yes.. the big 3 - 0 - 

Was it scary? Yes, 100% 

Am I bothered? - Not one bit. 

People ask if you feel any different turning thirty and the only thing I can say is that I just care less. I used to care about peoples opinions and what they thought. I just dont care anymore. I don't want drama anymore, if I want to sing Spice Girls at the top of my lungs, I shall. . . I just couldn't care less

My Thirtieth contained of a surprise party with my closest people... after a year of not really seeing anyone, it was so lovely to actually have a conversation and be able to sit in a garden with friends and family. I turned 30 in style! 

Birthday Costa

Peach loving the birthday balloons! 

Disney tattoos! 

Being Thirty makes me incredibly nostalgic and I feel like I need to share the joys and moments of the 90's and 00's with all the people who didn't experience or dont remember that era well. 

Let's take music . . wasn't the cheesy tunes the best? Steps, S Club 7 ... I loved Busted... Spice Girls.. Hairbrush in one hand, Cheesy Hand signs with the other.... The Spice Girl era, to the Avril Lavigne era to the tracksuit era... orange foundation, the biggest hoops and ugg boots... style at its finest. 

It was always a difficult choice having to choose which Spice Girl you were.. Am I feeling like Baby or Ginger today? 

I feel like teens and early twenties people missed out on how incredibly cool it was to have a thousand butterfly clips in your hair, heeled jelly shoes and the tiniest bag you could fit only money in.. . . tracksuit bottoms tucked into ugg boots, like you've just rolled out of bed and shoved your feel into the biggest slippers you owned, without getting dressed... I remember it well

The Nokia 3310 was the Iphone in the 00's ... you had snake, a handful of ringtones and it didn't come in colour! You know you've made it when your first phone is in a museum... 

We didn't grow up with technology . . . I don't think anyone knows time consuming unless you had a VCR... we couldn't skip or go back to the start with a click of a button... oh no... you had to rewind it all the way back to the beginning...  don't get me started on tapes ... 

Technology to us was a bonus. Before Facebook, Instagram, you had Myspace and Bebo... Customising your background to how you felt that day was one of the best features of Bebo ... one second you'd have pink hearts and sparkles and the next lyrics to reflect your mood.. Tom automatically being your first friend on Myspace. 

I feel like it was an era of cheesiness but I love a trip down memory lane. 

Enough reminiscing … 

Tell me your favourite thing about the 90's or 00's era? 

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